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fat burning for


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Finally revealed..., the best way to burn fat- no stress, no losing muscle, no saggy skin, no rebound gaining, minimal exercise, no dieting! Check this:

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fat burning for

  1. 1. ==== ====Revealed for FREE... A secret way to Burn Fat fast & easily with NO stress, no muscle loss, nosagging skin, no rebound weight gain, minimal exercise, and no dieting? Check this out... ====As with a good majority of the things we do in life, we rely heavily on our vision or eyesight as thedetermining factor in whether or not we believe something. And this is unfortunatley the case intrying to burn fat as well. Whats the old cliché? A picture is worth a thousand words,right? Well, when we lock our eyes onto that photo of that buff guy or buxom bombshell on thecover of the latest fitness or weight loss product, something happens. We get excited. We mayeven get very excited!Unfortunately, this is something that many in the fitness industry are preying on. They know thisand use it to their huge advantage. The process is simple: put a great looking and in-shape guy orgirl on a product and it will sell. They dont even have to tell you youll look like that person - theyalready know your subconscious will assume it will happen. When youre desperate to burn fat,this is an easy game for the fitness industry to play.And of course a few weeks later if it doesnt, you may start to lose hope and realize that its goingto be tough to keep up with the unrealistic and overly strict guidelines. Youve got a life, right?Sure, you want to burn fat, but youve got a job, maybe a family, and other interests in life. Dontget me wrong, I love a great fat burning workout, but I know you dont want to spend every wakinghour for the rest of your life working out!All of this happened to me several times over as a young man. I wasnt happy with my weight,wanted to burn fat, and was in search of the most efficient way to get lean, strong, and healthy, butwhile not spending too much time in the gym, or having to follow crazy diet plans for long periodsof time. After more than a decade of experimenting on myself, friends, relatives, and perfectstrangers, I assembled some of the secrets that I found to work best at burning fat and in theshortest amount of time, on myself and the others that I worked with. Now, what led me to do thiswas an incredible amount of frustration that I know thousands of others are going through rightnow. Why? To answer that, I want you to understand the psychological aspects of what we areup against in the world of health and fitness.What do you call doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? OK, Illanswer this one...Insanity! In some ways, the fitness industry is making you insane in your questto burn fat and get a lean, strong, and healthy body. Their promises are too good to be true andoften they cant typically deliver on them. They are over-promising and under-delivering in manycases.Its a big psychological game that the fitness industry is playing with us, and it dates back to ourchildhood. When we were kids, we were all taught in school that we could do anything we wantedto do when we grew up. Your parents might have even told you that you can achieve anything
  2. 2. you want if you believe in it strongly enough. I know mine did. While this can provide greatinspiration in lifes pursuits, it can also be used against you by others, and without you knowing.You are largely a product of your genetic makeup. Just as Mini-Me from the Austin Powersmovies could never play in the NBA, a guy like Woody Allen could never win a heavyweightbodybuilding competition.The reality is that these two guys can burn fat and get in the best shape of their life, but our genesare responsible for much of what we end up looking like when in that best shape. But this isntwhat the fitness industry will typically tell you - they want you thinking that anyone can look like agenetic freak of nature...if you just follow their programs, that is. Please know that I am not sayingyou are doomed by your genes...everyone can make amazing improvements in their physiqueswith proper exercise and nutrition habits. Its when we start comparing ourselves to the guys orgals in the magazines that we get into trouble, and get lost in that vicious cycle of hype andsensationalism all too prevalent in fitness and fat burning today.As I mentioned before, youve got a life. Youre a busy person. We all are. We live in a fast-paced society, the information age, where we have so many tasks to complete and so little time tocomplete them. I dont know about you, but I find myself trying to cram everything I do into thosefew hours between waking up and going to sleep. Its not easy. Then comes along the fitnessgurus telling you that to burn fat and get in great shape youve got to workout everyday or close toit. Youve got to do aerobics or cardiovascular exercise to burn fat, several times a week. Youvegot to weight train several other days each week, so that you are literally working out 5-6 dayseach week, every week. If you want it, youve got to do it, they say.Im here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth! Many of these programs will alsotell you that youve got to follow some crazy diet to burn fat. This might include cutting all or mostof your carbs, ingesting loads of supplements or other magic weight loss potions. On top of that,when their programs dont deliver, theyll tell you that everyone is different and that youve got tofind what works right for you. Wait a minute...werent they just telling you that their programpromises the body on the cover?What they are doing is keeping you in that fitness insanity that I mentioned earlier. They keep youdoing the same thing (trying then next hot product or workout and diet regimen) and promising thesame great fat burning results. If it doesnt work, they recommend the next great thing. And toomany people go on to that next miracle product or promise and the fitness industry uses this totheir advantage!Unfortunately the fitness industry, in many ways, has become a cycle of hype and sensationalism.Sure, there are some good-hearted trainers and professionals out there, but even some of themare being controlled by the fitness center owners, magazine publishers, and supplementcompanies. Thats where the money is! Even if they are trying to help you, they can becomeunwitting victims to the machine.They advertise their products, programs, and diets by using the cream of the crop in the geneticgene pool. Hey, if it worked for that guy or gal with the amazing physique, it will work for me. I fellfor it, too, many times, until I did some serious research and experimentation as I mentionedbefore. Then one day I finally woke up and discovered for myself the secrets that few people areaware of. Secrets that will never dominate the fitness industrys general recommendations
  3. 3. because they are unpopular with the people that control the industry. Why?Because these principles wont sell loads of crazy exercise gimmicks, gadgets, or magic potions.My Fat Burning Furnace students are schooled in the proper application of brief, progressive, andintense resistance training, eating a diet full of nutrient rich foods, drinking tons of water, andgetting plenty of quality sleep and rest.But our subconscious mind is powerful, and you have to watch out...even today, I can get suckedin to a compelling late night TV ad, even though I know better. So youve got to stay on guard. Ifpeople would pay more attention to proven principles like those I teach my students, and spendless time with the latest "butt buster" or "fat stripper" on the market, wed all be healthier, leaner,stronger, and happier for it. And wed also be burning a heck of a lot more fat in the process.Learn how to ignite your own fat burning furnace without cardio or fad dietsand grab your copy of Robs fat loss and fitness gifts here: Burn Body Fat FastRob Poulos is a fitness enthusiast, fat loss expert, and the founder and CEO of Zero to HeroFitness. Rob spent the majority of the last decade searching for the most effective and efficientways to get and stay lean, strong, and healthy. In those past 10 years, Rob experimented withand analyzed numerous exercise and nutrition strategies and protocols promoted by fitnesscenters, magazines, books, late night TV ads, and the so-called fitness gurus.After several attempts that didnÂ’t meet the high standards Rob had set for himself, he became sofrustrated with the loads of misinformation on the market that he personally committed to findingthe secrets that were hidden in all of the hype and sensationalism all to prevalent in the industry.Finally, after having amassed a great deal of life-changing knowledge and truths, Rob foundedZero to Hero Fitness and created the Fat Burning Furnace fitness system so he could spread theword to others interested in seeking out life long fitness and health.http://www.fatburningfurnace.comArticle Source: ====
  4. 4. Revealed for FREE... A secret way to Burn Fat fast & easily with NO stress, no muscle loss, nosagging skin, no rebound weight gain, minimal exercise, and no dieting? Check this out... ====