All About Healthy Eating


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All About Healthy Eating

  1. 1. ==== ====Healthy Eating Resource Secrets - Free Downloads: ====Since I spend a lot of time talking to friends, family and the occasional stranger at the grocerystore or waiting room about healthy eating, I can tell you most of the reasons so many people arenot enjoying the immeasurable benefits of a healthy diet. While all of these excuses have somevalidity, nothing trumps the way you will feel and the improved health you will enjoy if you makeeating healthy a priority.Here is the top ten list of excuses along with some tips on how to overcome them:Excuse #1 - "Healthy food! Yuck! I dont even like tofu (whatever that is) or bran muffins!"There is a myth out there that if a food is healthy, it wont taste good. When you consider all of thewonderful fruits, vegetables, lean meats, beans, whole grains, etc., its difficult to imagine thatthere arent a number of foods in these groups that would taste good. If you dont like tofu or branmuffins, dont eat them! But find some healthy foods you do like. If you have accustomed yourselfto junk food, you may have to retrain your palate and your thinking a bit, but you may find thathealthy foods become your new favorite foods!Excuse #2 - "I cant afford to buy healthy food!"While it is true that some fresh foods are more expensive than some junk foods, this is not alwaysthe case. Fast food is generally more expensive than buying groceries. In addition, you will getmore nutrition for your food dollars when you buy fresh, whole foods, as opposed to empty caloriesoft drinks and snacks. If you have a tight food budget, do the best you can by choosing the bestfoods you can get for your money. You may also try getting some of your fresh foods locallythrough a co-op or farmers market. When you consider the rising cost of health care, what youreally cant afford is to not eat healthy.Excuse #3 - "I take vitamins, so I dont need to eat healthy."Many health experts do recommend that you supplement your diet with a good qualityvitamin/mineral product. However, keep in mind that supplements cannot take the place of eatinggood quality, nutritious foods. Fresh, whole foods have components that simply cannot be isolatedand put into a pill. There is also much we still dont know about what your body needs for optimumhealth, except that fresh, whole foods seem to help provide it. Supplements should live up to theirname by merely supplementing the healthy foods you eat.Excuse #4 - "Are you kidding? With my job and my kids, I dont have time to prepare healthyfoods! Macaroni and cheese or Hamburger Helper is about my limit!"
  2. 2. Eating healthy may be more time consuming than picking up fast food for dinner, but with a littleimagination and planning, you can do it. One idea is to plan some time on the weekend, orwhenever you can fit it in, and do some food preparation for the whole week. You can make soupor other healthy recipes and freeze some for later use. You can chop up vegetables for salads andstore them in crispers for easy salads and snacks during the week. If you have fresh fruit, nuts,seeds and hard-boiled eggs on hand, there will be nutritious snack foods ready and waiting. Youcan even substitute more nutritious ingredients in your favorite dishes. Macaroni and cheese madewith whole grain noodles and real cheese is not difficult to make and a great replacement for themore processed versions. Take time to be healthy, and think of all the time you will save not goingto the doctor!Excuse #5 - "I dont have time to shop for healthy foods. Reading labels and choosing healthyfoods takes too long! Im overwhelmed as it is!"Although it may take a longer to be an informed shopper, once you become label savvy and areaccustomed to where the healthy foods are located, it will be just as quick as shopping forconvenience foods. You may want to take a little time to plan and make a list, so that you dontwaste time trying to figure out what to buy. Then start reading labels and learn which foods youcan rely on to be healthy. With very few exceptions, stay on the perimeter of the grocery store,where all the fresh foods are located. If you dont waste time strolling past the snack foods section,you wont be tempted to buy, and you will have more time to devote to the rest of youroverwhelming life!Excuse #6 - "My children wont eat healthy food. I cant let them starve to death!"This is a tough one! If children have been accustomed to eating junk food and processed food, itmay take some effort to get them to enjoy more healthy choices. Try to find some fun ways topresent healthy foods. Make healthy pancakes in fun shapes, or let the children get involved in theprocess by making healthy eating into a family project. Suggest one new healthy food a week thateveryone will try. Get some recipes for healthier versions of cookies, etc. and start introducingthem to your kids. Give positive reinforcement for choosing healthy foods. Most importantly, modelhealthy eating to your kids and help them associate it with feeling well. You dont have to do it allat once, but every time your child makes a healthy food choice, you are further down the road tothat child becoming a healthy adult.Excuse #7 - "So, whats not healthy about a cheeseburger, fries and chocolate milkshake?"For some, it is simply a case of not knowing what is good for them. Take a little time to learn aboutbasic nutrition. Educate yourself about the food supply and the difference between whole andprocessed foods. A simple place to begin is to eat a variety of fresh, colorful foods each day,including some protein foods, such as meat, fish, beans, peanut butter, nuts, seeds whole grainsand dairy products. Eat several servings of fruits or vegetables with each meal, and limit yourintake of added sugar and fats.Excuse #8 - "Healthy food is not any fun!"For most people, eating is one of lifes pleasures and many of us associate happy times withcertain kinds of foods. The goods news is that healthy food can also be part of a good time. Food
  3. 3. that is beautifully prepared and presented can be healthy and delicious and provide an enjoyableexperience for all. Make a point to look for foods that are both fun and healthy. Dark chocolate, forinstance, if not eaten in excess has some good qualities and may enhance your mood! Keep inmind that as long as you are making healthy choices most of the time, an occasional piece ofbirthday cake or holiday treat will not be an issue for you.Excuse #9 - "I would like to eat healthy, but I dont have any will power. The devil made me do it!"Even if your will power is weak, you can make small steps towards a healthy eating lifestyle. Dontbeat yourself up if you make a bad choice, since that may lead to more bad choices. Each timeyou make a change in your eating habits for the better, you are closer to feeling great and havingvibrant good health. Fill your refrigerator and cupboards with healthy foods that you like to eat, andleave the processed and empty calorie foods at the store. It takes less will power, if the temptationis out of sight. And dont use your kids as an excuse to buy junk food. Its not good for them andits not good for you either!Excuse #10 - "Experts cant even agree on whats healthy! Every day I hear conflicting informationabout whats good for you and what isnt. For all I know, hot fudge sundaes are health food!"My friends will tell you that this is the one excuse out of all of them that makes my eyes flash andmy teeth clench! I am appalled at all the junk science and junk journalism that is out there causingconfusion and mayhem in the culinary world! Some have a vested interest in promoting a certainfood or ingredient, and its not your good health! On the other hand, most of us know, generally,what foods are healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, legumes, nuts, anddairy products-in other words real foods! So, use common sense and dont make bad science andpoor journalism an excuse to give up on healthy eating!If any of these excuses is keeping you from enjoying the matchless benefits of healthy eating, Ihope you will decide to make a change for the better. You cant control many of the factors thataffect your life, but you can choose to make eating choices that will ensure that you are doing allyou can to feel well and be healthy. No excuses.I am convinced that what we eat and how we eat plays a major role in how we feel andparticularly, how well we are. For this reason, I would like as many people as possible to becomemore aware of what healthy eating involves, and of the extreme benefits that can be found inbeing conscious of what and how we eat.Eat and be healthy with my warmest regards,Suzy Staywellhttp://healthy-eating-support.org
  4. 4. Article Source: ====Healthy Eating Resource Secrets - Free Downloads: ====