Valley Healthcare System, Inc. Building Bridges Capital Campain revised 12-02


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Valley Healthcare System, Inc. Building Bridges Capital Campain revised 12-02

  1. 1. Valley Healthcare System, Inc. Providing Comprehensive Primary Health Care…Regardless of Circumstances
  2. 2. Service Locations: Harris County Health Center 94 McCrary Rd, Fortson Talbot County Health Center 341 North Washington Ave, Talbottom Columbus Health Center 1600 Fort Benning Rd, Columbus
  3. 3. Community Served in 2012 Payer Type Payer Type Uninsured Uninsured Medicaid Medicaid Medicare Medicare Commercial Commercial Percent Percent Patients 4627 52.1% 4,627 52.1% 2650 29.9% 2,650 29.9% 625 7.0% 625 7.0% 975 11.0% 975 11.0% 8877 100.0% 8,877 100.0%
  4. 4. Working Poor in Georgia
  5. 5. Celebrating 20th Year of Community Healthcare Service in Columbus 1994 through 2014
  6. 6. Mileposts Along The Way… 1992 – Incorporated as the Community Health Center of South Columbus, a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. Board of Trustees: - Still Involves Founding Members - Represent the Primary Audiences Served
  7. 7. Mileposts Along The Way… 1994 – First CEO hired. Benning Drive Health Center opened for business through the support of the Columbus Housing Authority. The facility had four exam rooms, laboratory, x-ray room and offices. 1999 – The Community Health Center of South Columbus moved into its second location at 1315 Delaunay Avenue.
  8. 8. Mileposts Along The Way… 2002 - Organization name changed to Valley Healthcare System, Inc. 2005 – Awarded grant by the State of Georgia to expand primary care in Talbot County in the city of Talbotton, GA 2007 – Presidential Initiative with Department of Health and Human Services, High Poverty Counties Grant to uninsured and low income working poor in Harris County.
  9. 9. Professional Reassessment of Community Needs In 2007, the organization contracted a marketing assessment to evaluate the health center’s current and future potential for expansion. The research identified: - the explosion of need due to the changing economic conditions, - the resulting high unemployment rate, - the variety of existing health care related services in the region - the operating economy offered by a new facility close to the communities that need service.
  10. 10. The Perfect Storm Identified the current and projected need for healthcare in a recession economy. Further anticipated the passage of some form of health care reform The board determined a new expanded facility would best serve the 1 in 4 residents in the region without healthcare converge.
  11. 11. Strategic Core Value: Responsive Patient Delivery Federal Grant $6,225,263. Congressional Award $492,080. Board Investment $2,886,000. Bridge Loan $2,803,473. Total Investment $12,406,816.
  12. 12. Columbus Service Site… Consists of… - 30,000 SF of medical space on 13 acres Providing: - 23 medical and 5 dental exam rooms - 5 mental health counseling rooms - 2 procedure rooms - diagnostic areas including laboratory and x-ray - optical and pharmacy service centers
  13. 13. Patient Services Include Family & Internal Medicine Behavioral Health Services Children Services Men and Women Health Services Transportation and Translation Services Diagnostic Services Family Dental Care and Vision Services Pharmacy and Optical Prescriptions Telemedicine
  14. 14. Economic Healthcare Savings Local Emergency Room Savings through the use of Valley. Regular users of Health Centers are far less likely to go to an ER for an avoidable event. Valley saved the Columbus Area’s Emergency Rooms 895 visits and $1,179,349 savings in 2012. Area Hospital Savings Due to Valley Healthcare Systems. Regular users of Health Centers have lower rates of Emergency Room usage and lower odds of potentially avoidable hospitalizations. Valley provides services that are lower than the average hospital visit of $17,089 and saving the community 224 visits and $3,822,816 savings in 2012.
  15. 15. Economic Contribution to Families, Businesses, and Government In 2012 Valley Healthcare System, Inc.: Total administrative expenditures of Valley can also be used to estimate their total economic impact of 7,873,845 worth of commerce in the area and a total impact of 123 Columbus Area jobs. Through sales, income, corporate, and other taxes brought over $300,000 to state and local treasuries.
  16. 16. Celebrating 20 Years (1994-2014) and $30 Million of Health Care Community Service
  17. 17. Strategic Plan 2014 thru 2018 The mission…of Valley Healthcare System is to provide comprehensive l primary healthcare, selected specialties and referral services to the population of the Chattahoochee Valley region regardless of individual circumstances. Core Values: Compassion Excellence/Integrity Accountability Collaboration Community Based Fiscal Responsibility Cooperation Mutual Respect Patience Centered Integrated Health Responsive Delivery Teamwork
  18. 18. Strategic Goals Goal One: Educate the public on health care issues and practices. Goal Two: Provide education and research programs in conjunction with higher education. Goal Three: Ensure operational effectiveness and financial viability. Goal Four: Serve as an anchor for economic development in Columbus by contributing directly to economic growth and stability of the region along with quality of life.
  19. 19. Board of Directors Mr. Phillip W. Aldridge, Chair Mr. Joseph Lefcourt Synovus Financial Corporation Lefcourt Enterprises, LLC Ms. Virginia Dickerson, Vice-Chair West Central Health District Muscogee County School District U.S. Civil Service, Retired Automated Business Machines Mr. Tony Whitehurst, Treasurer Synovus Financial Corporation Ms. Mattie Wright, Secretary Muscogee County School District (Retired) Ms. Karon Bush Mr. Mike Mayhew Mr. Carlos Huertas Boardmoor Realty Ms. LaShun Scott Columbus Hospice Mr. Robert W. Patrick Military; Talbot County Board of Education, Retired Mrs. Dorothy Mabry Lawton Public School District (Retired)