OuiShare Summit May 26th, 2012 - Transforming Passion to Profite


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A Nordic perspective on how collaborative consumption can be a driver for social innovation

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OuiShare Summit May 26th, 2012 - Transforming Passion to Profite

  1. 1. Transformingpassion to profitA Nordic perspective on howcollaborative consumption canbe a driver for social innovation Thomas Berman Head of innovation at Devoteam Consulting Norway & Co-Founder at Hardu.noOUISHARE summitParis, March 26th, 2012
  2. 2. How can we solve these problems? Foto: HonouENVIRONMENT HEALTH WASTE TRANSPORT
  3. 3. *A"Wicked problem“ is a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changingrequirements that are often difficult to recognize. Moreover, because of complex interdependencies, the effort to solve oneaspect of a wicked problem may reveal or create other problems. (source: Wikipedia) They are wicked
  4. 4. Social innovation“…refers to newstrategies, concepts, ideas andorganizations that meet socialneeds of all kinds - from workingconditions and education tocommunity development and health -and that extend and strengthencivil society”Wikipedia…which leads to new structuresand strategies in societyCathrine Skar (one of my partners in crime) The holy grail to all problems?
  5. 5. Collaborativeconsumption haveand will createnew strategies insociety
  6. 6. In more ways than we can see today Foto Jasper Morse Foto Wordl Bank, Flickr Foto Wordl Bank, Flickr Foto Honou
  8. 8. NORDICPop. : 25millArea: 3,501,721 km2Lang. 8 Iceland Denmark Faroe Islands Finland Greenland Norway Sweden FRANCE Pop. : 65mill Area: 543,721 km2
  9. 9. Skjutsgruppen MoveAbout Transportation Media EasyBring Things Food Fribi
  10. 10. The Nordic Market A very superficial evaluation of the the Nordic market for collaborative consumption solutions  High level of trust Global perspective Money Equality
  11. 11. The Nordic MarketA very superficial evaluation of the the Nordic market for collaborative consumption solutions  Ownership is valued Small market Little venture activity
  12. 12. Can Nordiccountries be usefulfor piloting socialinnovations in andcollaborativeconsumptionsolutions?
  13. 13. Hytte Barneutstyr TransportVerktøy Hage Sport
  14. 14. DifficultDifficult Easy
  15. 15. BUSINESS MODELL:Can existing markets be usedas a springboard? Share stuff Rent stuff Re-use stuff Buy new stuff
  16. 16. The non believerWe needto create …and thisthis…
  17. 17. …. Saving money Earning moneyBuying more expensive things Being a good neighbor …..
  18. 18. We need more social entrepreneurs in disguise
  19. 19. Thank you. Thomas Berman m. + 47 907 87 982 @ t.berman@devoteam.no / thomas@hardu.no thomasbermanPhoto credits (all pictures CC)Oxfam, Omad, Fotogav, Honou, Slynkycat, Jesper Morse, World Bank, Ole Reidar JohansenFreeFoto, MetroCentric, StevenDepolo