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Assignment sheet 2012


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Published in: Education
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Assignment sheet 2012

  1. 1. Create your own NZ Music GroupIn this inquiry unit you will be required to create a musical group, promote it, and arrange aconcert tour. During this work you will have to plan, think, read, write and organise in a variety ofways. Your work will be presented as a web page using Google Sites.1. Create a musical group of your own. It can be any style; Punk, Country, New Wave, Reggae, Classical, etc. Your group will need to have a name, a background (how they were formed, where they came from, where they have played, what kind of music they play, etc). You will need to list group members (including full biographical information... date of birth, place of birth, star signs, likes and dislikes etc).2. Design promotional digital material such as car stickers, posters, badges, Facebook page, digital promotion for your group. Think creatively! Create a digital logo on the computer that will appear on all promotional material.3. Design a CD cover for the group. Look at some CD covers. You will need a distinctive design and song titles,song writers, any extra musicians on the album, any dedications or special thanks, name of the record company and the year in which the record was produced.4. Plan an itinerary for your groups tour showing where and when the group plays. There should be a minimum of four venues played throughout the tour.5. Write standard form letters/emails/correspondence:a)Booking the group into a hotel/motel during the tourb) Booking a concert hall or other venue for your group through a venue manager6. Write a press release outlining the tour including plenty of information about the group.7. Draw up a budget sheet for the tour. You will need to establish realistic costs for the tour you are planning and include all costs associated with the tour. This will be important when you set your ticket prices for concerts. Your budget sheet will need to be very detailed.8. Write a review of your groups first concert for a newspaper or magazine.9. On your promotional web page, do:- Record onto tablet, cd, dvd or video an interview with the group about the tour, their latest record and their music in general. or Write a song—include lyrics and title. You may like to record onto tablet/upload to Youtube. Please make sure that you read the criteria sheet so that your work follows the set criteria closely, therefore enabling you to score the highest possible mark.