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Chapter 4 L28th


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Chapter 4 L28th

  1. 1. Chapter 4, Lesson 2 The Ratification Debate
  2. 2. Objective • Understand the basic arguments of the Federalists and Antifederalists. • For and Against the ratification
  3. 3. Ratification • Ratification- Noun • To Ratify- to sign in agreement.
  4. 4. The Debate Goes Public • After the Federal Convention released... • Each state received a copy of the Constitution to approve. • George Washington approved it. • But, this was not enough to persuade people in each state.
  5. 5. Federal • A system of government in which the central government shares authority with the states. • Central government • People who supported the constitution were called Federalists.
  6. 6. Federalist Party Logo
  7. 7. Alexander Hamilton • Started the Federalist party • Wrote the majority of the Federalist pamphlets • These defended the Constitution • Second person in charge of the National Treasury
  8. 8. James Madison • The person who wrote almost the entire Constitution. • Also wrote the Bill of Rights. • (More on this later...) • Only Federalist president • 4th President of the United States
  9. 9. John Jay • Helped write and make many Federalist pamphlets • He was also with Benjamin Franklin when he signed the Treaty of Paris.
  10. 10. George Washington • First President • Supported the Federalists
  11. 11. Patrick Henry • Virginia • Very much disliked the Constitution • Without a Bill of Rights. • Many people felt this way
  12. 12. Antifederalist • Wanted their rights to be guaranteed • Looked to the English Bill of Rights • Why did the Framers chose to leave out a bill of rights
  13. 13. Antifederalist • They also questioned the legality of the whole entire meeting. • How could people just meet without telling anyone? • Create an entirely new document • Change the whole New World
  14. 14. Antifederalist • They began to publish their fears and questions • People started to question the Constitution.
  15. 15. The Race Was On!
  16. 16. The Federalist Papers Arguments in favor of Constitution