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Project 2

  1. 1. ROMAN TECHNOLOGY War Sources They also were ahead of the game when it to technology in war. Romans used catapults, aff2847/ColosseumCityscapeLge.jpgthat was quite advanced for the time period. They had the onagro which was a different style Roman_Aqueduct.jpg/94824998/catapult. A catapult allowed them to fling stones at Roman_Aqueduct.jpgpeople and buildings from a greater distance. Thismade taking over buildings and towns a much job. People can only do so much damage to a appia-antica-voie-appienne.JPGstone building, however the catapult allowed themto destroy those buildings. SzQooPgRWxI/AAAAAAAAAb4/tiWB4P8QWgs/ s400/catapult_2%5B1%5D.jpg † BY: TARA PAWLYK ¢ Romans were always on top of things it came to technology, and many of their STONESTREETinventions laid the foundation for what is commonly CLASS 3Aused today. So next time you get into a nice bath, or Map.mediumthumb.jpgyou drive down the road, thank the Romans. them, you might not have all that you do. ancientRome_Full.jpg/74855645/ ancientRome_Full.jpg
  2. 2. Roman Technology Romans invented lots of different types Everyday Life of technology. Many of these are still used in Some of those little things that you have modern day, or contributed to the technology we and everyday life first started with the Romans. have today. They created a central heating system called a Arches hypocaust. They also had public baths where you would go to bathe. These little inventions The arch was a huge technological that may seem insignificant compared to others, breakthrough. Up to then, bridges were made but these are the little things that made life with rope and wood. Those bridges were very livable both then and today. unstable and could easily break. By discovering the arch, they had found a way to construct bridges. By using the arches as a base for the bridge, much more weight could be put on the bridge without it breaking. This way of distributing the weight made bridges much stronger and stabler. Aqueducts and Sewers They also had aqueducts. These systems were used to improve irrigation since the aqueducts brought clean water. The Romans also came up with sewer systems. Since they had a way to get clean water into the city, they saw it fit to develop a way to take the dirty water out of the city. Not only did the sewer help dispose of water wastes but this also would have helped with overall sanitation. Invention Date Roads Some examples of Roman Technology Romans also were the first to build and Arch Bridge 1300 BCE use roads. The purpose of roads was to increaseUpper Photo: The architecture of the the speed of communication by making travelColosseum required great technology to pull of easier and quicker. However, their roads did not Aqueduct 530 BCEthe design in the construction process really curve like they do in modern time. The roads were formed in straight lines making 90 Roads 312 BCE degree turns. In order to construct the roads theLower Photo: Roman Aqueducts cleared all the trees and brush as we do today. hypocaust 1st century BCE Roads are now used pretty much worldwide. Baths 1st Century Ad