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The Joyof Squidoo

  1. 1. THE JOY OF SQUIDOO The official (free) recipe guide by Seth Godin and Megan Casey The Joy of Squidoo page 1
  2. 2. Dedicated to the Squids. That means you. The Joy of Squidoo page 2
  3. 3. Welc ome to th e J o y of Sq u i d o o , t h e Of f i c i a l C o o k b o o k The idea for this cookbook is very simple. Once you see how creatively (and successfully) other people use Squidoo, you’ll be more likely to use it well yourself. That’s why people watch The Food Network, after all. To get inspired by the tasty possibilities. So first we’re going to give you a tiny bit of background, some ground rules and principles, then we’ll jump straight to the recipes. If you’ve got a Squidoo recipe you want to add, that’s easy. Just go to and share your thoughts. And a dash of salt. Squi d o o is fo r pe o p l e who a r e in t e r es t e d in somet h i n g . Squidoo makes it easy for you to build a page about whatever you’re interested in. It’s also for people interested in learning from another person’s perspective—yours. I’m going to bet you’re interested in lots of things. And that you’ve had experiences that lots of other people haven’t. Maybe you’re learning Kung Fu, and can share your impressions for other beginners. (Did you know you can blow out a candle from across the room using nothing but your fists of power?! It’s true). Or you’re the top volunteer for the ASPCA and want to spread the word about your work on weekends. Or you could have just finished making a rag rug, and felt like writing down the steps and showing off your pictures. (And maybe selling your rug, too). The Joy of Squidoo page 3
  4. 4. Here’s the hitch: all by itself, in isolation, making a webpage about your interest is pretty worthless. You might as well just keep a diary or write poetry on the back of a napkin. The key is to build a page about something you’re interested in… that you think other people might also like to read. The benefit of using Squidoo is in the connections. Connections between your Squidoo page (we call it a lens) and other lenses. Connections between other sites and your lens. Connections between your lens and your other sites, your blog and your company. And most important, connections between you and the people who see your lens. When you write down your interests, annotate them with videos and photos and products, and then connect your pages with other people and sites, you win. You win by being an active participant in a conversation that matters to you. You win by adding good knowledge, and more importantly, your experience, to the world’s database of information. You win by getting found when people go looking for your topic online. And, just for fun, you win by earning some royalties from your lenses, little by little every month. For you or for charity. The Joy of Squidoo page 4
  5. 5. Lear n i n g f r om Al i c e Wa t e rs Alice Waters wrote a fantastic cookbook (a real one) called The Art of Simple Food. She doesn’t just list out hundreds of recipes in tiny print and say go do it. Instead she shares stories about meals, talks excitedly about heirloom tomatoes and sustainable farming, and make you itch to get into the kitchen and start experimenting. Once you’ve got a few simple ingredients, she says, you can cook just about anything. Squidoo (and, we hope, this cookbook) is much the same. Sure, there are some basic steps you should know about (read the companion manual, Calamari! for more “instruction manual” info. You can find it here: But more important, we wanted to share some starter recipes to help you imagine what Squidoo pages can do. After you’ve made a few pages on Squidoo, you won’t even need these recipes… and you’ll be well on your way to whipping up your own. Squi d o o is not a n EZBa k e Ov e n I should tell you now: Squidoo may be simple, but it’s not a shortcut, and it’s not a replacement for writing remarkable content. If you go through the steps in the cookbook, you’ll be off to a good start, but you’ll be far from done. Since there are an infinite number of possible connections and a gazillion ways to tell a story and meet people and lead them, you’re just getting started once you hit Publish on your lens. Don’t be disheartened... it’s a road, and the journey starts with just a few steps. The Joy of Squidoo page 5
  6. 6. There are also a lot of people on Squidoo cheering for you. Don’t believe me? Stop by and say hi. Chances are, if you ask nicely, some of the more seasoned lensmasters will be happy to check out your lens and offer up some tips. G o l d e n R u l e: Pl a y fa i r , n o b o d y ge ts hu r t This is really important guys: 1. Do not spam anyone. Do not send unanticipated, impersonal, irrelevant notes to people, no matter how important you think your mission is. 2. Do not spam comment fields on blogs. 3. Do not spam the search engines with less-than-truthful tags or clever tricks. 4. Do not make promises to people you can’t keep. 5. Don’t build a lens designed to promote yourself. That’s not the point. No one cares about you. No one! Instead, build a lens to build trust or connections or best of all, to help people. That’s how you promote yourself. 6. Don’t covet your neighbor’s oxen (oops, sorry, wrong book). 7. Don’t forget to say thank you and to give as much as you get. 8. Once you get good, help other people get good. 9. When in doubt, read rule 1. 10. Be patient. Drip, drip, drip. The Joy of Squidoo page 6
  7. 7. 2 6 Re c i p es to Ge t Y o u Sta r t e d There are officially a quintillion ways to use Squidoo, but only room to highlight some of the recipes. Here’s what we’re going to cover in this cookbook: 1. Raise money for a charity you care about 2. Teach people about your hobby 3. Engage your audience to create content 4. Build trust as an eBay seller 5. Promote your point of view 6. Display your portfolio 7. Find people to help you work on a project 8. Deeply research something fascinating 9. Find a date 10. Promote your book 11. Coordinate like-minded activists 12. Write your autobiography 13. Make monthly income 14. Share musical or arts insights 15. Help a political cause 16. Profile your business 17. Make announcements for your church 18. Teach your children 19. Communicate with other parents 20. Highlight photos 21. Make your own TV channel The Joy of Squidoo page 7
  8. 8. 22. Watch your favorite blogs (and promote them) 23. Host a discussion 24. Become the central clearinghouse for information 25. Build a puzzle or a treasure hunt 26. Highlight an author The Joy of Squidoo page 8
  9. 9. R a is e mone y fo r a c ha r i t y y o u c a r e a b o u t Kimberly Dawn Wells had a simple problem. Actually, she had two. She wanted to raise money for the Humane Society. And her dog kept shredding expensive tennis balls. Kimberly put them both together and built the world’s best source for cheap bulk tennis balls. You can find it right here: Every penny of royalties she earns goes straight to her chosen charity. Every day, people find her lens because of the links spread around the web (more every day) and every day, some of those peoople buy tennis balls. Day by day, drip by drip Kimberly shares the news of her lens. Even better, when someone finds such a great resource, they spread the news. And so, it builds. The Joy of Squidoo page 9
  10. 10. Teach pe o p l e a b o u t y o u r hob b y When Frances wanted to share her insights about sundials, she built a lens about it. You can find it here: The lens includes: a table of contents, illustrated modules with descriptions of how a sundial works, famous sundials, sundial links from around the web, a poll about sundials, links to find out how they work, videos of sundials from YouTube, profiles of sundial artists, links to books on Amazon about sundials and more. If you had a small interest in sundials and found this page, you’d consider it a huge gift. Frances gets to engage and teach and in her community, she’s the trusted expert. The Joy of Squidoo page 10
  11. 11. E n g a g e y o u r a u d i e n c e to cre a t e co n t e n t Seth wanted to let his readers pitch in and help him come up with the definitive list of business cliches. First, he built a lens using the intro module and the text Plexo. Then he blogged about it. The end result? You’ll see about 200 cliches. You’ll also notice that if you do a Google search on “business cliches” it comes up first. Like a hot knife through butter. The Joy of Squidoo page 11
  12. 12. B u i l d t r us t as a n e B a y sel l e r Consider Susan and the Rabbit Hole. Susan creates handmade checkbook covers in a variety of fabrics, and then sells them on eBay. In order to stand out and to gain trust, she built this lens: In addition to an everchanging list of her auctions (Squidoo updates them automatically), she includes useful links, Amazon books and more. If she really got helpful, Susan could teach us about where to buy checks for less than half the price a bank charges, or she could highlight cool check designs people could ask for. A great start, though. If you’re an eBay seller, the most important thing to realize is that eBay is a platform, not a job. It’s up to you to break out of the box and do things that get you more than your fair share of attention. The Joy of Squidoo page 12
  13. 13. P r omo t e y o u r po i n t o f v i ew Guns don’t kill people, bullets do. That disagrees with this lens: The lens makes the case, module by module, link by link, text riff by text riff, that guns create safety. You might agree, you might disagree, but the fact is the argument is there. It’s not an angry polemic, it’s a thoughtful argument. The world needs more of these. Make yours. The Joy of Squidoo page 13
  14. 14. D is pl a y y o u r po r t f o l i o Rich Leigh is a writer. He could just as easily be a sculptor or a painter or a balloon manipulator. All artists need a place to show their wares, to present the story of what they do. Rich does it right here: By organizing and highlighting his writing (using the links and text modules) he can make it easy to see his work at a glance. Combine this with some well-chosen YouTube videos and Rich makes a persuasive case without a lot of work (other than the work that matters, the work on his writing.) The Joy of Squidoo page 14
  15. 15. Find pe o p l e to he l p y o u wor k on a pr oje c t I need someone to help me find one of these! When you find one, please email it to me. The Joy of Squidoo page 15
  16. 16. D e e p l y res e a r c h some t h i n g fas c i n a t i n g Check out this lens: This is Margaret’s extraordinary analysis of a single work of art. If you’re researching Michelangelo’s David, is there a better place in the world to start? Not likely. Margaret’s lens has ranked #1 on Squidoo, been chosen for lens of the day and received buckets of traffic. You can do this too. The modules are there, the data can be found. Go build one. The Joy of Squidoo page 16
  17. 17. Find a da t e What if you build a biography of yourself? Something a lot deeper and more useful than a Facebook profile. Something with more photos than your plentyoffish profile? Nobody has done this yet, but I bet they could. And I bet it would work. If you do it, let us know. The Joy of Squidoo page 17
  18. 18. P r omo t e y o u r bo o k ‘Promote’ isn’t exactly the right word, and in a minute, you’ll see why. When Meatball Sundae came out, the obvious thing to do was to build a website about it. After all, it’s a book about marketing online. Instead, points to which is a Squidoo lens all about the book. It includes more than ten excerpts, links to purchase, useful links and more. Instead of spending $5,000 on a website, the lens was free. Not just free, but it has earned hundreds of dollars for charity so far. So why isn’t it a promotion? Because promotion means going out and yelling at people, interrupting them, singing and dancing and crowing. This lens doesn’t do that. It sits and waits. Do a Google search on ‘meatball sundae’ and you’ll find it. And your friends will point you there and so will blogs you encounter. It worked. The Joy of Squidoo page 18
  19. 19. C o o r d i n a t e l i k e-min d e d a c t i v is ts The obvious example here is the way political campaigns have used the web this year to find and recruit volunteers. Michael Gibbons has built a business around coordinating activists and outfitting them with fundraising buttons. You can read about how he does it here: The Joy of Squidoo page 19
  20. 20. Wri t e y o u r a u t o b i o g r a p h y Who is Ron Passfield? If you had a meeting with Ron or were referred to him, you might look him up in Google. Unfortunately, sites like Wikipedia would never permit a bio of Ron to be posted on their site. Someone over there has decided that people like Ron aren’t significant enough to be worthy of inclusion. What a shame. No worries. Ron used to build his autobiography. You can find it here: passfield It’s actually pretty compelling. He filled it with photos and commentary and insights. There’s a guestbook for friends and visitors to leave a comment. Once you have invested five minutes reading his lens, you feel like you know Ron. Which is a good thing. And yes, when you do a Google search on Ron now, his bio shows up second. The Joy of Squidoo page 20
  21. 21. M a k e mon t h l y in c ome I guarantee that if you try to make money fast using Squidoo, you will fail. On the other hand, if you’re willing to stick with it and build a platform and be generous and work hard, you can make a pretty good side income. In this article, Captain Squid details how he made more than $2000 in a month: Here are the secrets to generating monthly income: 1. Pick topics that lend themselves to commerce (like a comparison of expensive coffee table books that make great wedding presents) 2. Pick topics that lend themselves to narrow searches (like Civil War artifacts) 3. Include Amazon and eBay Plexo modules into your lenses 4. Curate the Plexo recommendations so they’re all really good 5. Use the Spotlight module often 6. Engage your visitors with useful (free) insight 7. Gain permission by creating a newsletter and a blog... you want people coming back, not just blowing through town 8. Build a lens a day, every day. Improve every lens you own at least once a week. By the end of a year, you’ll have more than 300 killer lenses, each contributing a little bit to your income pool The Joy of Squidoo page 21
  22. 22. Shar e music a l o r a r ts insi g h ts Are you into Jaco Pastorius? Corey is. Big time. This Jaco lens is one of many that Corey has built. Each one provides unique and valuable insight, but more important, makes it easy for members of the Jaco tribe to find each other. The tactics are pretty easy. It’s the will to build that’s hard. The Joy of Squidoo page 22
  23. 23. He lp a po l i t i c a l c a use You probably don’t have the resources to produce a documentary, and you’re probably not as famous as Angelina Jolie, but people are stilling willing to listen to you. Even better, they’ll participate if you let them. Check out this lens: It’s hard to imagine working your way through it without having a gut check on your opinion. It might even turn you into an activist. The Joy of Squidoo page 23
  24. 24. P r o f i l e y o u r b usin ess Thomas Clifford makes documentaries for businesses. This is great work, but it’s hard to find new clients. By building a useful lens ( he set out to teach possible clients about this field. By acting as an expert, he builds trust and earns permission to follow up. Last time we checked, his business was thriving. The Joy of Squidoo page 24
  25. 25. M a k e a n n o u n c em e n ts fo r you r ch u r c h Members of The Bethel Church in Washington ( church) have discovered how easy it is to use a Squidoo lens to explain their church to others. Take it one step further and you can create an interactive (free) newsletter. Use the Google Maps module to include directions to your facility. Post a schedule. Reprint sermons. Make announcements. You can turn Squidoo into an easy-to-use communication tool for your parishioners! The Joy of Squidoo page 25
  26. 26. Teach y o u r c h i l d r e n Go take a look at this lens about Marie Antoinette: (take your time, we’ll wait.) This lens was built by a fourteen-year-old girl. Sure, she could have written a term paper or something boring like that, but the interativy of a lens makes it more challenging, fun and ultimately useful. The Joy of Squidoo page 26
  27. 27. C ommun i c a t e wi t h ot h e r p a r e n ts Aren’t you tired of sending emails to twenty parents about the upcoming fall concert, or to a dozen families about rescheduling the baseball game? Because Squidoo is free, you can build a lens about obscure topics like this. Your friends and family can then subscribe using RSS, and every time you update the lens (with an announcement, or pictures from play rehearsal) every subscriber will be alerted. Did we mention that this was free? We’ll even donate royalties from sales or ads on that page to your team or theater production. The Joy of Squidoo page 27
  28. 28. High l i g h t p h o t os The flickr module is powerful and underused. Here’s a small example of it at work: I’m sure you can expand on this. This is a terrific way to bring together publicly-licensed photosets around a theme. Unlike building a group within Flickr, with Squidoo you can integrate the photos with books, videos, text and more. The Joy of Squidoo page 28
  29. 29. M a k e y o u r own TV c ha n n e l YouTube is a great place to waste time, but it’s awfully difficult to find your way around. Enter Squidvids. ( All you need to do is enter a single keyword, like Seinfeld or Mentos or Numa Numa and Squidoo will automatically build a regularly updated TV channel for you. That’s just the start. Then you can customize the lens and add content and specifics that makes the lens worth visiting. This is the fastest way we can think of to get into the media business! The Joy of Squidoo page 29
  30. 30. Watc h y o u r f a v o r i t e b l o g s (a n d pr om ot e t h em) One of the most powerful Squidoo modules is our RSS reader. This allows you to follow just about any blog by copying the feed address into the module. For example: This lensmaster made it easy for you to follow ten Gen Y blogs on one page. You don’t have to remember what they are... you just have to come to this lens now and then to catch up. Think about how much impact you could have by weaving your favorite blogs into a whole new kind of editorial experience. The Joy of Squidoo page 30
  31. 31. Host a dis c ussion Do you think the gas tax holiday (suggested by two of the three candidates for President during the spring of 2008) is a bad idea? A squidoo user did. So she built This is a simple page (it probably took less than fifteen minutes to get started) that makes it easy to have a thoughtful discussion about this urgent issue. As a result, it got picked up by blogs and used by people who cared about the issue. In fact, one commenter actually changed her mind as a result of using the page. You can build your own argument in just a few steps by visiting The Joy of Squidoo page 31
  32. 32. B e c ome th e c e n t r a l c l e a r i n g h o use fo r i n f o rm a t i o n If you’re into the music of Art Damage, you’ve almost certainly found Here’s a complete collection of links, photos, iTunes tracks and more. If you want to contribute, join in. It’s the wheelhouse, the place from which all roads start. You can build one about just about anything. If people are interested, they’ll find you. Especially if you let them have a voice. The Joy of Squidoo page 32
  33. 33. B u i l d a puzzle o r a t r e asu r e hu n t Nobody has really done this, but I hope they do. I hope you do. Build a series of lenses. Maybe a dozen. Insert clues. Do a treasure hunt. Help people waste time jumping from one to another. Put in riddles or visual puzzles. Create a newsletter around it and challenge others to expand the puzzle with their own lenses. Use Plexos to rank clues. Use YouTube excerpts or Flickr images to further enhance the quest. Create teams. Find sponsors. Offer prizes. Wanna see an example I love? Go! The Joy of Squidoo page 33
  34. 34. High l i g h t a n Au t h o r Byron Katie changes lives every day. But if you don’t know who she is or you haven’t read her books, you don’t know that. This lens changes that. It highlights some of her best work, it teaches (instead of selling) and uses the YouTube module to give readers a glimpse into the real person behind the work. Compare this growing, vibrant page to a more static Amazon page. There’s a huge difference, no? One lists, the other persuades and invites. The Joy of Squidoo page 34
  35. 35. The On e Thi n g Co o k b o o k s Forg e t t o Me n t i o n Is that when you're done cooking, you should sit down and enjoy your masterpiece with family and friends. Don't forget to share your hard work with the people in your life. And hey, let someone else do the dishes for once. You deserve it. Have fun! The Joy of Squidoo page 35