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Job interview questions


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Job interview questions

  1. 1. Questions to expect in a job interview:• Tell me something about yourself.• Why do you want to work for us? What do you look for in a job?• Your resume suggests that you may be over-qualified or too experienced for this position. Whats your opinion?• In your current (last) position, what features do (did) you like the most? What features do (did) you like the least?• What are your long-term career objectives?• What is your ideal working environment like?• Why should we hire you?
  2. 2. Writing a Cover Letter:• Cover letters are always written specifically for each position and typically accompany a resume.• The cover letter should support the resume, not simply repeat the same information that has already been mentioned.• Take your time! Re-read what you have written and ask for more opinions.
  3. 3. For next week…• You are moving abroad and need to find a job in an English-speaking company. Find a job ad that interests you and prepare a CV or resume and a cover letter to apply for that job. Be prepared to present your CV/resume and cover letter in class next week.• Here are a few sites to help you with the job search: