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re:dash is awesome

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re:dash is awesome

  1. 1. re:dash is awesome
  2. 2.  
  3. 3. Agenda 1. Main Feature 2. Build 3. Programmable 4. Security 5. Our use case 6. Summary
  4. 4. Main Feature
  5. 5. Main Feature sharing query scheduling query Pluggable Backend Low cost Caching
  6. 6. sharing query can share sql between members We use . But ansi sql syntax is extremely hard so can review sql. Reuse query another member. fork can do sql Presto
  7. 7. schedule query refresh interval per minute, per hour Specify the time every day not cron syntax
  8. 8.  
  9. 9. Pluggable backends supports a great variety of data sources. If you are making query runner, variety connect data source. write by Python. See.
  10. 10. Data Source
  11. 11. Low Cost Business intelligence tool is very high cost. If you use AWS, for small deployments t2.micro should be enough. We regist 250 queries, using instance type is m3.medium. memory size is 3.75GB. 1 CPU.
  12. 12. Minimum effort visualization write query create graph csv and image export you will release from the Excel pain!
  13. 13. easy update download. With deploy runs DB migration. one command update. fab -Hredash01 -uubuntu deploy_latest_release recommended clear cache after upgrade...
  14. 14. Caching Query Results Cache in PostgreSQL. Do not run unnecessary SQL See the results and come to the company in morning, not need wait! So Google Bigquery is Query pricing, one query results can share.
  15. 15. Build
  16. 16. Build Setup Script AWS EC2 AMI Google Compute Engine image ※ recommended to use ubuntu.
  17. 17. Dependencies Python Nginx Celery Distributed Task Queue PostgreSQL Redis
  18. 18. WE love OSS♥ can read a code. We can trust a code. if Well do not know behaviors, read the code. many contributions on github. 330 closed pull requests.
  19. 19. Programmable
  20. 20. Programmable Parameters http API visualization your API and your python code.
  21. 21. GET parameter can write sql by mustache template. select * from user where = {{id}} start with http string become to link.
  22. 22. HTTP API re:dash have rest API. API KEY can be per user and per query. curl 'https://redash/api/queries/194/results.json? api_key=XXXXX' API KEY can modify by user.(ver 0.8)
  23. 23. visualization your API visualization your json API. See format. Also visualization your python code, print same format.
  24. 24. security
  25. 25. Management GUI very simply. add user and group. modify permission. view event log. execute query view create etc..
  26. 26.  
  27. 27. Audit logging view login create api_get update subscribe unsubscribe edit execute autorefresh etc..
  28. 28. permission management Can set permissions for each Member. Grant permissions to groups. Members belong to group. Also, can belong to multiple groups.
  29. 29. permission management create_dashboard create_query edit_dashboard edit_query view_query view_source execute_query admin
  30. 30. Google Apps authentication you can Data linkage your google account. defaults admin/admin account delete is better. Can disable password login As below. export REDASH_PASSWORD_LOGIN_ENABLED=false
  31. 31. SSL(https) Connection You can connect with SSL. Need modify nginx configuration. see.
  32. 32. Our SSL Setting
  33. 33. Other Feature SAML Authentication Threshold Alert
  34. 34. our use case
  35. 35. our use case action history and log data stores in Redshift, User and master data in mysql. data analytics complete only sql as possible. I do not want to write code as possible for analytics. We often write complicatedly sql.
  36. 36. Using Datasource Mysql PostgreSQL Presto(prestogres) redshift
  37. 37.  
  38. 38. Presto open source distributed SQL query engine. Presto can join multiple data sources. We join mysql and redshift by Presto. Ansi SQL Syntax.
  39. 39. Prestogres PostgreSQL protocol gateway for Presto. rewrite queries before sending Presto to PostgreSQL. re:dash connecte with PostgreSQL protocol to presto. But can directly connect to presto with current version.
  40. 40. Current Status registered 300 queries 1.8GB disk used old chache is automatically delete set environment.
  41. 41. Our request.. date and time range filter. scheduling query with cron syntax. define csv encoding with environment.
  42. 42. Thanks!