Virtual Causeway Market Research Overview - 2009


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Overview of Virtual Causeway market research services

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Virtual Causeway Market Research Overview - 2009

  1. 1. WHO WE ARE A “boutique” marketing services firm with a focus on: • Phone and Web Based Survey Execution • Business (and Consumer) Based Studies • Customer Service, Expert Programming and Reporting Ultimately enabling research organizations to bridge the gap between survey and respondent
  2. 2. PROFIT HOT 50 In September, 2005, Virtual Causeway was Named as One of Canada’s 50 Fastest Emerging Growth Companies by PROFIT Magazine
  3. 3. PROFIT 100 In June, 2007, and again in June 2008, Virtual Causeway was named to the PROFIT 100 Ranking Canada’s Fastest- Growing Companies by five-year revenue growth, the PROFIT 100 profiles the country’s most successful growth companies.
  4. 4. VIRTUAL CAUSEWAY VALUE PROPOSITION • Focus • Cost • Flexibility • Customer Service • Founders with analyst organization experience
  5. 5. VIRTUAL CAUSEWAY VALUE PROPOSITION Virtual Causeway Focus Areas • Enterprise Technology Systems, Technology Hardware, IT Solutions/Services, Financial Services and Bio-Tech • Multiple Segment and Vertical Focus Areas Employees • Post Secondary Education • Reps with up to 15 Years Tele-Experience • University Relationships Native Language Capabilities (web) • European • Asian • Middle Eastern • Latin America Survey Software Experience • SPSS, WinCross, Excel, etc.
  6. 6. FACILITY LOCATION • The Virtual Causeway headquarters location and contact center is located in the City of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada • Waterloo is the driving force behind Canada's Technology Triangle (CTT) Operation Facility • Virtual Causeway also maintains sales offices in: • The Boston Area • The New York City Area • The Washington DC Area
  7. 7. OUTSOURCING BENEFITS • Consistency • Domain Expertise • Scalability • Quick Response – instant ‘on’ • Multiple Market Penetration • Resources • $$$ • Time • People • Infrastructure
  8. 8. ABOUT VIRTUAL CAUSEWAY Three Core Businesses Centered Around Demand Generation Excellence – Marketing Services • Creation, Qualification & Ranking of Suspects and Prospects – Business Development Services • Development of Prospects through Appointment Setting – Market Research Services • Data Collection via Telephone or Web-Based Surveys
  9. 9. MARKETING Solutions & Services • List Building/Database Cleansing • Event Recruitment • Lead Qualification & Ranking • Inbound Service Hotlines • “Rapid Response Prospect Care”
  10. 10. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Solutions & Services • Lead Generation • Appointment Setting • Channel Recruitment • Customer Profiling • “Integrated Prospect Care”
  11. 11. MARKET RESEARCH Solutions & Services • List & Database Development • Survey Design and Testing • Phone and Web Based Data Collection • Data Reporting/Basic Analysis • Pre-Screen Appointment Setting for Analyst Interviews • Panel Recruitment and Maintenance
  12. 12. MARKET RESEARCH Overview Three Areas of Data Collection/Survey Execution Executive Level Interviews – Executive level interviews or pre-screen appointment setting Telephone Surveys – Telephone-based studies – Web-based studies Web-Based Studies
  13. 13. MARKET RESEARCH Overview • Complex Data Collection and Longer Telephone-Based Executive Level Interviews Studies Typically Require: Complex Data Collection via Telephone Surveys or Pre-Screen Appt. – Multiple contacts within an Setting organization Telephone Surveys – Going “off-questionnaire” or being very conversational – Blending primary and Web-Based Studies secondary sources
  14. 14. MARKET RESEARCH Overview • Telephone-Based Surveys: Executive Level Interviews – Excellent programming skills coupled with “best in class” software capabilities – Rep expertise in technology related phone surveys • Web-Based Surveys: Telephone Surveys Telephone Surveys, – Excellent programming/hosting skills Web Surveys & coupled with “best in class” software Qualify/Drive to capabilities Web Survey – Syndicate of approximately 250 panel Web-Based Studies providers worldwide to ensure “best of breed” quality and quantity of data
  15. 15. MARKET RESEARCH VC Solutions & Services • Where Virtual Causeway “Bridges the Gap” Executive Level Interviews Complex Data – Extremely conversational reps Collection via which focus quite frequently at Telephone Surveys or Pre-Screen Appt. the C-Level Setting Telephone Surveys – Not afraid to dig - We are used to “hunting” for information rather Telephone Surveys, Web Surveys & than “gathering” what we find Qualify/Drive to Web Survey – Global web-based studies with Web-Based Studies translations to all major languages
  16. 16. MARKET RESEARCH Client List (Partial)
  17. 17. CASE STUDIES Client Project Description Business and Consumer Projects Multiple Languages and Time Zones Phone and Web Based Surveys ‘Global Market Research’ Multiple Segments Multiple Languages and Time Zones Phone and Web Based Surveys ‘Global Market Research’ Multiple Segments Multiple Languages and Time Zones Phone/Web Based Surveys & Pre- ‘Global Market Research’ Screen Appointment Setting
  18. 18. CLIENT FEEDBACK Web-Based Survey Taken from a real email (names and pricing details have been removed) Subject: Survey with Virtual Causeway I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback on a project I recently completed with Virtual Causeway. Last March (2007), I was looking for a vendor to generate sample for an online survey of Microsoft Office 2007 end- users. Generating sample for the project was not a small task, because the universe of Office 2007 end-users is basically unknown. During the scoping process, I had 3 vendors (e-rewards, EVS, GMI) turn me down, because they did not have the survey sample – they noted it would be impossible to get a high number of Office 2007 users. I had another company tell me they could find the sample, but the costs would be $xxx+ per complete. Virtual Causeway not only said they could do the survey, their price was $xx per complete. I was skeptical, but they used a list consolidator that they had a high level of confidence in, and they assured me the whole time that they could do it. They were right, and the project went without a hitch. A few comments about their work: • The hosting and coding process worked flawlessly. Turn-around time was short and I found virtually no errors that were a result of their work -- a significant difference from other vendors we use. • The results appeared to be of high quality. The data matched some of the internal research that Microsoft has done on their own client base. Virtual Causeway cleaned the data for duplicate names and for people who took the survey too fast, without me requesting this service. • They completed the work on time…A crucial element of this project, since the data came in a week ago, and the project needed to be completed by the end of the quarter. We had no days to spare, but there were no mixed messages from VC – they said they could do it by the 20th, and that’s when the cleaned file was delivered. The Virtual Causeway team literally saved a big project for us. This was a big deal and I wanted to make sure they were recognized for it.
  19. 19. CONTACT INFO William Clark – Co-Founder VP of Business Development 978-372-5062 Justin Clarke – Project Mgmt, Market Research 519-886-1600 x276 Rick Endrulat – Co-Founder President/COO 519-886-1600 x222