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Design sprint


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My slide on “Google Ventures Design Sprint” which I presented on World University Bangladesh and North South University (#appTrainNSU)

Design sprint

  1. 1. Design Sprint Towhidul Haque Roni
  2. 2. Is anyone using GrameenPhone?
  3. 3. Is anyone using “GP App”?
  4. 4. Why it is in Design Sprint Session ? ◎ It’s one of my most popular app which I developed in 2011 ◎ I will share my experience as an example with this product design ◎ If you just want to download and play with it before the session, here the links are – Google Play: App Store: Blackberry : J2ME: Place your screenshot here
  5. 5. A design sprint is a technique to quickly solve product design problems and test the viability of a solution. It has been pioneered by the Google Ventures Design Team. What is Design Sprint?
  6. 6. Traditional product design cycle BUILD LAUNCH LEARN IDEA
  7. 7. learning without building and launching IDEA LEARN
  8. 8. The Sprint Phases Phase 1 Understand Phase 2 Diverge Phase 3 Converge Phase 4 Prototype Phase 5 Validate
  9. 9. Understand Develop a common understanding of the working context including the problem, the business, the customer, the value proposition, and how success will be determined 1
  10. 10. Diverge Generate insights and potential solutions to our customer’s problems. Explore as many ways of solving the problems as possible, regardless of how realistic, feasible, or viable they may or may not be 2
  11. 11. Converge Take all of the possibilities exposed during phases 1 and 2, eliminate the wild and currently unfeasible ideas and hone in on the ideas we feel the best about 3
  12. 12. Prototype Build a prototype that can be tested with existing or potential customers. Paper, Keynote, and simple HTML/CSS are all good prototyping media 4
  13. 13. Validate Test the prototype with existing or potential customers 5
  14. 14. Thanks! Any questions?
  15. 15. Feel free to Contact ! I am Towhidul Haque Roni URL: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: ul-haque- roni/8/a2a/8b8 E-mail:
  16. 16. Now It’s time for Mini Design Sprint with Firefox OS App