Make your journey the most pious and redemptive with chardham


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Make your journey the most pious and redemptive with chardham

  1. 1. Make your journey the most pious and redemptive with Chardham
  2. 2. Moksha is what everyone seeks in human life.Attaining Moksha or salvation is very muchpossible on the Earth. Plan a Chardham Yatra toIndia and get what you’ve been seeking for sinceyears. Yes, a Chardham Yatra to the incredibleholy destinations in the Nainital district ofUttarakhand in India is the most holy trip of one’slifetime. Hindu religion states that a visit to theChardham will provide freedom from incarnationand wash away your sins.
  3. 3. Four Abodes of Hindu GodsThe four abodes or dham visited by thousands ofHindu and several other devotees yearly areYamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath.Char dham Packages to these holy shrines offer asafe and secured journey to the houses of Gods.Suitable care is taken regarding all yourrequirements by the executives, which manageyour tour package.
  4. 4. YamunotriYamunotri is dedicated to Goddess Yamuna. Theplace is also the prime source of River Yamuna. Itis the first mile stone in Chardham tour and theshrine of Yamunotri is famous for several hot watersprings, catching attention of all worshippers andother tourists. Rice is cooked in eth natural hotwater here and distributed among worshippersas the holy “Prasad.”
  5. 5. GangotriGangotri is the place of birth of Goddess Ganga. Itis also the prime source of origin place of RiverGanga. People come to this place to take a bath in the holyriver and wash away all their sins, in order to get ultimatesalvation from the complex bond of life and death. TheAarti ceremony held at the holy shrine her is highlyattention grabbing. The place is also famous for theadventurous trek to Gaumukh, which is the concrete source of the Ganges.
  6. 6. KedarnathThird visited holy place and also the birthplace of God Shiva is Kedarnath. It is among thejyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. The shrine of Lord Shivaalso has the holy idol of Bull Nandi. Nandi was thevehicle of Shiva. Kedarnath has breathtakingsnow capped peaks, grabbing interest of all natureand adventure lovers.
  7. 7. BadrinathBadrinath is fourth and final destination ofchar dham yatra. It is the seat of LordVishnu is the oldest and most visited Dhamamong all four. The shrine of Badrinath wasrenovated by Shankaracharya ji in the 8thcentury
  8. 8. Attractions near ChardhamChard ham tour could be even moreenchanting if few more attractive nearbydestinations be a part of it. Popular places tovisit near Char Dham are Surya Kund,Hanuman Chatti, Glaciers, SubmergedShivling, Shankaracharya Samadhi, BhimPul and many more.
  9. 9. THANKS AND REGARDSChardham-pilgrimage-tour.comCorporate OfficeTour My IndiaA - 60, Second Floor Sector - 2,Noida Tel : 91- 120 - 4052615 - 99Mob : +91- 8744012051/9212553107Fax - + 91 - 120 -