Lively goa beach tours made colorful by carnivals and festivals


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Goa is one of the most popular places in India especially among honeymoon goers and married couples. The stories of Goa beach tours are enough to stir enthusiasm.For more details visit

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Lively goa beach tours made colorful by carnivals and festivals

  1. 1. Goa is one of the most popular places in India especially amonghoneymoon goers and married couples. The stories of Goa beach toursare enough to stir enthusiasm. People go to Goa for many reasons. Primeamong them are anniversary celebration, vacations withspouse, honeymoon, water beach adventure, Goa cruise, festivals andcarnivals. People find their childhood and adulthood at the same timeduring their Goa holiday tours. Plan your visit to this place and you willrealize on your own the unending series of fun that rejuvenates everyone.Coming to this place of heavenly beauty of Mother Nature is an experiencethat should be owned even if you get it just from a single opportunity.
  2. 2. Panajim, the capital city of Goa is another experience to have with itscolonial architecture ruins, still visible in many of the places. Once aPortuguese colony, Goa has specimen of the culture of that era livingthrough these ruins and that people enjoy experiencing. Then, ofcourse, there are the beaches that everybody knows and for what youalso are probably planning to visit it, vacation or honeymoon or whateverway. Exotic flora and fauna, grand forts, splendid churches and captivatingbeaches are just the tip of the iceberg. Goa tours will include historicalplaces like a fort that was used as a jail. Some names in this respect thatare worth knowing Mormugoa Fort, Aguda Fort, St. Anne Church, CoboPalace and Basilica of Bon Jesus.
  3. 3. Festivals and carnivals in Goa are other major attractions if we keepbeaches aside. They draw huge crowds, everywhere from India and theworld in the month of February. Tourists and people from the city mingleand get involved in the feast, drinks and rejoice. Goa carnivals are markedby color and enthusiasm of locals as well as outsiders. Festivals are betterenjoyed when the strangeness of a place and its people is forgotten.Bands and dance performances, huge parades, costumes, etc enhancethe show of the festivals. The Red and Black dance at Club Nationalmarks the end of this 40 days carnival that makes lasting memories to berevived next year.
  4. 4. Goa Beaches tour will also take you to a versatile wildlife and a wide rangeof flora and fauna that are compared to some of the very well-knownplaces of the world. A world of amusement with breathtaking beauty of thepopular beaches and liveliness of the carnivals will get you coming hereagain and again every year, so that you will start feeling yourself as anintegral part of the place itself. So, your journey begins now!
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