Golden triangle tours an incredible tours to india


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Golden triangle tours an incredible tours to india

  1. 1. Golden Triangle tours – an incredible tours to India
  2. 2. Golden Triangle tours – an incredible tours to India India, famous for its incredibility and diversity has splendid things to offer. Every time a tourist visit to this place finds something new and exciting and learn multiple experiences while favoring a remarkable journey to this amalgamating place.India is unique in its true sense where historical importance, grand architecturesand bravery legendaries have motivated many foreign vacationers. If you areamong those enthusiastic vacationers who want to explore more with India Tour,pack your baggage for a marvelous journey towards the Golden Bird that glitterswith its unique strengths. Planning a fantastic tour to India directly admits theremarkable journey for the most preferred locations of India. They areundoubtedly Delhi- the capital city, Jaipur- the pink city and Agra- the renownedcity for one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”.
  3. 3. India Golden Triangle Tour heartily invites you to mark a memorable journey towards all the three famous destinations of North India. Needless to say these destinations are world famous because of their own specialties and uniqueness.The capital city Delhi, famously known as “the mini India”, is a unique blend ofmultiple cultures and histories. Earlier ruled by Mughal empires from 13th to16th centuries, Delhi has remarkable monuments and historic buildings that stillreflect the then grandeur of the Mughal rulers. The Old Delhi is the bestexample for it where you can find the famous Red fort, Qutub Minar, JamaMasjid and many more.
  4. 4. Jaipur, famous for its colorful and cheerful lives is named for its unique culture and hospitality. The capital is colored in pink and so known as the pink city, has magnificent and majestic Rajputana buildings and astonishing monuments.The City Palace, Amber fort, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal and the famous Albert Hallreflects the majestic reigns of Rajputs and the royal families. It is the capital cityof Rajasthan, the place of Rajas and is the major tourist attractions point inIndia.Needless to define Agra since it has given us the opportunity to stand at the topof the world due to the most astonishing and unique architectures of the Mughalempire, The Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal does not need any definition; and people fromall across the world are magnetized to catch the glimpses of this amazingwonder. The white marble that reflects purity and chastity reflects the true lovebetween Shah Jahan and Mumtaz and the grand architecture of that period winsmillions of hearts even today.
  5. 5. The three famous locations of India that form a splendid triangle for most of the visitors all across the world, invites you for a remarkable tour to India. Apart from these amazing cities you can also make a visit to the famous Bharatpur bird sanctuary which is very near to Jaipur, if you are a bird lover. You can catch amazing glimpses of hundreds of vivid species of birds including migratory birds like Siberian Crane and find the relaxing experiences here.A trip to Varanasi will lead you to a spiritual pacification when you will take a holydip to the famous river Ganges at its famous ‘ghats’. Apart from that if you wishfor lively and energetic experiences, Goa beaches will offer you many attractiveactivities to revitalize your senses. The hotels and resorts of Goa will mesmerizeyou with its sophisticated and luxurious accommodation to complete your trip.Make an incredible tour to India for a fantastic and memorable experience.
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