Experience the real heritage charm of india with golden triangle tour


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Experience the real heritage charm of india with golden triangle tour

  1. 1. Experience the Real Heritage Charm of India with Golden Triangle Tour
  2. 2. Experience the Real Heritage Charm of India with Golden Triangle TourIf you are interested in visiting the 3 most famouscities in India, then you should not miss the chanceof going on a Golden Triangle Tour. GoldenTriangle Tours Package is a big hit with touristswho want a taste of what the real India is like.Tourists not only get a chance to visit differentHeritage sites but also get to learn more in-depth detailsabout each city itself. When you sign up for GoldenTriangle Tour Packages, you experience these 3 cities in acompletely different way:
  3. 3. DelhiThe Golden Triangle Tour kick-starts here in Delhi, which isthe capital of India. Besides being the main seat of powerin the country, it is also home to many Heritage sites thatwere built during the Mughal era. A few must-visit spotsinclude Jama Masjid, the historic Red Fort, India Gate,Humayun’s Tomb and the Qutab Minar which was built in1199. Delhi is famous for its rich night life and for the manybazaars that dot the city. Drop in at Connaught Place forsome shopping or enjoy an evening walk through ChandniChowk because Delhi is certain to mesmerize you.
  4. 4. JaipurThe capital of Rajasthan is famous for its many palaces,rich cultural heritage and varied cuisine. It is fondly calledthe ‘pink city’ and is home to some beautiful gardens aswell. Most Golden Triangle Tour Packages include a trip tothe Maharaja’s City Palace, the famous Observatory andthe Ram Niwas Gardens. These gardens which are spreadover more than 76 acres of land are also home to a birdpark and a zoo. While you are on the Golden Triangle Tour,don’t forget to enjoy a puppet show, try a camel ride andbuy some traditional handicrafts for your home.
  5. 5. AgraAgra, which is the last stop on the Golden TriangleTour is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and iswell-known throughout the world. Home to the bestknown symbol of everlasting love, the Taj Mahalcontinues to astound hundreds of tourists everyday. Even today, the beautiful carvings, otherintricate designs and the inlay work with semi-precious stones are simply breathtaking. Thismonument stands on the banks of the river Yamuna and issurrounded by a landscape of rich greenery.
  6. 6. THANKS AND REGARDSindiatourpackages.co.ukTel No. 44 (0) 203 287 3204Email: info@indiatourpackages.co.ukWebsite: http://www.indiatourpackages.co.uk/golden-triangle-tour.html