Dhikala forest lodge a delightful accommodation to stay inside jim corbett


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Dhikala Forest Lodge It is under the care of forest department of Government of India and bookings are done from the office in Ramnagar. The lodge is around 30 Km away from the entry point (named Dhangadi gate) of the National Park.For more detail visit:

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Dhikala forest lodge a delightful accommodation to stay inside jim corbett

  1. 1. Dhikala Forest Lodge - A delightful accommodation to stay inside Jim Corbett
  2. 2. Dhikala Forest Lodge - A delightful accommodation to stay inside Jim CorbettAmong more than 450 nationalparks, wildlife sanctuaries andtiger reserves, Jim CorbettNational Park is the oldest one.Jim Corbett played an importantrole in establishment of thissanctuary in the year 1936. This isthe reason the park is given hisname. It is also famouslyassociated with the Project Tiger.It is located in the district of Nainital in the village Ramnagar of Uttarakhand. The parkoffers activities like staying in corbett resorts, tiger safari and exploring wildlife. Thearea is full of swamps, hills, river basins, grasslands and forests. With more than 70000to learn and enjoy many exotic varieties of fauna and flora, the park thrives withadventure.
  3. 3. Joy of this wildlife sanctuary increases many folds by the luxury accommodation foundnearby it. You can avail pleasures of nature along with the sophistication and eleganceof these staying places. One of such places is Dhikala Jungle Lodge. Read on to knowmore about it.Dhikala Forest Lodge It is underthe care of forest department ofGovernment of India and bookingsare done from the office inRamnagar. The lodge is around 30Km away from the entry point(named Dhangadi gate) of theNational Park. Journey from thelodge to the gate is a rare chanceof witnessing the nature in itsblessed form. On the way, you willfind the Sal forest and RamgangaRiver.
  4. 4. The accommodations inDikhala Jungle lodge includerooms located in twobuildings. One is the olderpremises and the other one isnewer. Both of the buildingshave rooms along with adormitory taken as per thenumber of users. There areover all 22 rooms and 2dormitories. There are 24 bunkbeds made available in the loghuts of the resort.For your taste buds, this resort has excellent food offered in the tourist complex ofDikhala. It has a restaurant. You can avail buffet meals here that are served every day.One can rely on the quality of food served.
  5. 5. Other facilities of the lodge include the following:• Water coolers in each room• A small general store for your untimely requirements• Wildlife movies if you want to get acquainted with the park even before making a visit• Geysers in bathrooms for hot water supply• A canteen• A library & a reading room to find your cozy cornerYou can get a memorable rendezvous with nature and wildlife staying at this corbett forestlodge. You can get more details of the lodge by visiting the website and making fewnecessary calls. Enjoy the spirit of wilderness in the easy
  6. 6. THANKS AND REGARDSTour My IndiaA - 60, Second FloorSector - 2, NoidaNoida - 201301Tel + 91- 120 - 4052601 - 99 (85 hunting lines are available)Fax - + 91 - 120 – 4052699(24 hrs helpline) + 91 - 9212553107 / 73 Email: info@resortsincorbett.coWebsite: http://www.resortsincorbett.co/51/Dhikala-Forest-Lodge