Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh


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Kanha National Park invites to explore its diverse wildlife and a large variety of flowering plants. The winner of best maintained tourism friendly park, it is the best destination for wildlife and nature lovers.

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Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh

  1. 1. Kanha National Park – A landmass where exotic wildlife dwells
  2. 2. Introduction Sprawling over an area of 940 sq km, Kanha National Park is home to 22 species of mammals and more than 1000 species of flowering plants. It is winner of the best maintained tourist friendly park in India, and is noted for a large populace of Royal Bengal Tigers. The park came into existence in 1955 and has witnessed many conservation programs for protecting the flora and fauna of the park.
  3. 3. Wildlife in Kanha National Park A diverse wildlife of Kanha National Park draws tourists from all around the world. In India, it is the only home of Hard Ground Barasingha, which can be easily seen here in herds. Some of other animals that are commonly sighted in the park are Striped Palm Squirrel, Wild Pig, Jackal and Spotted Deer. The main highlight of the park is Royal Bengal Tigers, of which the famous one is Munna – a large male tiger with a symbol resembling “CAT” on his forehead.
  4. 4. Flora in Kanha National Park The lowland forests of Kanha National Park are dotted with sal and other forest trees. On the other hand, the highland forests are deciduous type and characterized by bamboo on slopes. Meadows that are basically open fields are found in both types of forests and enhance the scenic charm of the area. One can also find aquatic plants, which are very important for migratory and wetland birds.
  5. 5. Best Time to Visit Kanha National Park is open for visitors from 15th October to 30th June. Though one can visit this park in any month during the aforementioned period, the best time to pay it a visit is winters (October - February). The reason is weather is pleasant and one can sight a lots of animals, in addition to numerous migratory birds. However, those looking for a view of Tiger are advised to plan their visit in March or April as sighting this largest member of cat family is easier due to dried vegetation.
  6. 6. Jungle Safaris Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari are the two ways of viewing the wildlife in Kanha National Park. By opting for jeep safari in Kanha National Park, one can observe & click photographs of the wildlife and also get the chance to marvel at the wonders of nature. Elephant Safari, on the other hand, is completely a different experience as one can also explore the places that are not accessible by jeeps. Further, this type of safari increases the chance of sighting a tiger because, being on the back of an elephant, you can view large landscape.
  7. 7. The Jungle Safari Timings Are: Note •Every Wednesday at Kanha, the afternoon shift of Jeep Safari remains closed •There is no Jungle Safari on Holi Festival (celebrated in the month of March)
  8. 8. Transportation and Accommodation It is easy to stay and commute in Kanha National Park with lots of resorts located and a number of jeeps at your disposal. Some of the famous hotels and resorts in the area are Shergarh Tented Camp, Tuli Tiger Corridor, The Baagh Resort and Royal Tiger Resort. For availing more information about commuting and lodging, please contact www.kanha-national-park.com
  9. 9. Kisli Gate - Village Khatia P.O. - Kanha National Park District/State - Mandla/Madhya Pradesh Web- www.kanha-national-park.com Pin – 481768 Phone- +919212777223
  10. 10. Kisli Gate - Village Khatia P.O. - Kanha National Park District/State - Mandla/Madhya Pradesh Web- www.kanha-national-park.com Pin – 481768 Phone- +919212777223