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Theyyam Travel Guide - Travel Kannur Kerala to Experience Theyyan


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Theyyam Travel Guide - Travel Kannur Kerala to Experience Theyyan

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Theyyam Travel Guide - Travel Kannur Kerala to Experience Theyyan

  1. 1. Theyyam Travel Guide TRAVELKANNUR.COM TRAVEL KANNUR TO EXPERIENCE THEYYAM Travel Kannur Presents
  2. 2. © Theyyam – the ritualistic performance, which can be described as the most visible, spectacular art form of Kerala, India, associated with myths and legends. Theyyam can also be described as a form of worship consisting of rituals, colorful costumes and divine dance through which the gods are appeased and honoured........... WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF THEYYAM
  3. 3. © THEYYAM SEASON (NOVEMBER TO MAY) Theyyam season begins wih end of October and ends in June. During this time, theyyams will be performed in more than thousand temples (Kavu) Theyyam will be performed as a part of annual temple festival or as a separate prayer by a family or individuals. There are more than 600 types of theyyams, most of them are closely related each other.
  4. 4. © Over 600 types of Theyyams are performed in a year in more than thousand Temples (Kavus) spread over Kannur and Kasargod districts of Kerala. Theyyam season begins in November and ends in May next year. OVER 600 TYPES OF THEYYAMS PERFORMED IN A YEAR
  5. 5. © According to Hinduism, all the creation-preservation-destruction activities in the universe are controlled by the three Gods – Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, respectively. For upholding righteousness, these gods appears in many godly guises and incarnations. For propitiation of these gods, apart from ritualistic worship and sacrifices, man also gave form to donning their godly forms and performing as another form of worship. These became a part of their culture, underwent many changes over time, and is an evolution of the clan culture. ORIGIN OF THEYYAM
  6. 6. © travelkannur.comAfter wearing the headdress the actual moment of becoming the deity, the moment of crossing the line, as he stares into a small hand-held mirror. It is at this point that, almost imperceptibly, he slips into another state of being, his eyes widening as they focus not on his own reflection, but on the enigmatic features of a divine being.. This is the moment of fusion, the defining moment known as mukhadarshanam, or the seeing of the face. It is the moment when a mortal becomes a god...... MAN TO GOD
  7. 7. © travelkannur.comBelongs to Fire Theyyam catogory and during the performance time Pottan Theyyam falls many times into the fiery heap of burning logs POTTAM THEYYAM
  8. 8. © travelkannur.comTheyyam’ performers belong to one of the Hindu communities. Each individual caste has the right to perform certain deities and all performers must pose a wide range of extraordinary skills. They must know the ritual and character of every deity. They have the inherited right to perform, know-how to sing, dance with the drum, do the complicated make-up and dress their costumes. Theyyam artistes are male. It is not a profession or calling that can be adopted..... THEYYAM PERFORMERS
  9. 9. © TEMPLE (KAVU) The staging area of Theyyam is known as kaavu. Kazhakam, Muchilottu, Mundiya, Sthhaanam, Kottam, are the other names for the staging area. Theyyam is also performed at home and fields by erecting temporary pathi as the staging area.
  10. 10. © THEYYAM COSTUMES The costume as well as the facial make-up of each theyyam varies according to the role and myth of the form, which speaks volumes of the nature of the particular theyyam. Using indigenous pigments and other materials the artistes themselves prepare most of the costumes
  11. 11. © FACE PAINTING The process of making up the face of theyyam is called “Mukhathezhuthu”. General colors like Orange, Red, Balck, Green and Yellow are used for the face painting. Items like Turmeric powder, rice flavour, stone powder used for making colors.
  12. 12. © RITUALS There are lots of related ritual performance along with theyyam performances. In some occasions, temple priest (Komaram / Velichappadu) jumps through wooden flames just before the theyyam performance start.
  13. 13. © FIRE THEYYAMS Theyyams are closely related to fire. There are theyyams which jumps through fire or fall on bon fire . These theyyas are performed mostly at late night or early morning . We need to stay whole night at the theyyam location to experience these theyyam.
  14. 14. © REFLECTION After putting the headgear, the performer looks into the mirror and he transforms into the God.
  15. 15. © THULABHARAM OFFERING Normally Devotees make Thulabharam Offering as a prayer. A ritual in which the devotee mostly kids or children sit in one side of the balance and other side equivalent items like coconut, rice, banana etc.
  16. 16. © BLESSINGS Just after initial performance, theyyam starts blessing devotees. In this elevated stage, theyyam assumes super human and divine powers – speaking, moving, blessing even healing as a god or goddess.
  17. 17. © TRAVEL ENQUIRY provides • Pick and drop of guest • Accommodation to nearest location • Transportation to Theyyam location • Guide Services • Expert’s assistance • Photography option Contact:
  18. 18. © BALI VELLATTAM – Photo: Nikhil Raj
  20. 20. © POOMARUTHAN THEYYAM – Photo: Ted (Taiwan)
  21. 21. © BALI THEYYAM
  23. 23. © THEYYAM SKETCH – Benoit from France
  24. 24. © VISHNUMURTHY FACE – Photo : Gloria Gurnik
  25. 25. © GULIKAN THEYYAM – Photo : Giorgio from Italy
  26. 26. © VAYANAT KULAVAN THEYYAM – Photo : Rhea from Australia
  27. 27. © Photo : Nandakumar Raghavan
  28. 28. © KHANDAKARNAN THEYYAM – Photo: Prasoon Kiran
  29. 29. © KHANDAKARNAN THEYYAM VELLATTAM – Photo by Cathy Scholl Visit for • Exclusive Theyyam Calendar • More than 300 theyyam videos • Thousands of Theyyam Photos • Visitors review and photos • For other travel destinations in Kannur and Kasargod districts • Temple pilgrimage
  30. 30. © TRAVEL KANNUR TO EXPERIENCE THEYYAM TRAVELKANNUR.COM Contact: 0091 9846469007 / 984790077 We provide • Pick and drop of guest • Accommodation to nearest location • Transportation to Theyyam location • Guide Services • Expert’s assistance • Photography option For all travel enquiries please contact :