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Mona de pascua


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Mona de pascua

  1. 1. EASTER “MONA”By Lucia, Ivan and Jorge
  2. 2. EASTER “MONA” Mona Easter is a typical food of theValencia Community. Eating hersymbolizes that lent and its abstinencehas run. ORIGIN The name comes from the manna Arabic term meaning provision of the mouth, gift that the moroccos did to their Lords.
  3. 3. Mona takes one or more eggs(depending on size) with thepainted shell (Easter eggs).These eggs are introduced asdecorative element but alsohelp to give way to sweet. The forms are very diverse although they tend to be of any animal as a snake, lizard, and usually coated by anisettes of colors.
  4. 4. Mona is usually consumed during the days of Passover with Easter sausage snack being usual crack the egg in front of another person. It is also possible to accompany her chocolate if mona has been sprinkling sugar and lacks the boiled egg
  5. 5. It is tradition to go on excursions to the countryside to spend the afternoon eating the mona and play with some Comet (rout), jump rope, play the roll and typical songs, as the tarara
  6. 6. INGREDIENTS FOR THE CUTE EASTER• 500 grams of flour• 1 envelope dry yeast (25 gr.)• 1/4 litre of warm milk• 100 gr. of melted butter• 80 gr. of sugar• 1 egg• a little saltTo "paint" the mass• 1 yema de huevo• 1 cucharada de lecheFor decoration• Anisetes of colors, chocolate balls, raisins, cherries for garnish, almond laminadas…• Boiled eggs painted with food dye or chocolate eggs
  7. 7. HOW TO PREPARE EASTER MONKEYS 1- We put the flour in a bowl. Add the dry yeast and mix it well with a fork. Add the rest of ingredients: butter (previously her have melted in the microwave), milk, sugar, egg and a pinch of salt. Beat it everything in the blender and give way round to the dough with your hands, leaving us a mass as in the pictureHow to prepare easter monkeys part 1 X79YY
  8. 8. 2- Cover the bowl with a cloth and put it in the oven for about 20-30 minutes to a maximum temperature of 50 degrees, up to seethat the mass has levado.3- .While the massgrows, we cover a trayof oven with vellum.Here we have to shapethe dough with thefigures you want,decorate with balls ofcolor, painted boiledeggs, sliced almonds,sugar…
  9. 9. 4- We them another 10 minutes in the oven at maximum 50 degrees, so the mass to keep growing. Once we have our lists figures, mix with a tablespoon of milk egg yolk and paint the cute with this mixture, so golden-brown in the oven and add the decoration.5- With our figures already ready and decorated we put them in the oven preheated to 200 degrees for about 25-30 minutes, until we see that they are ready and that he has caught a suitable color.6- We draw them from the oven, let them cool and we put the eggs painted or chocolate as decoration. How to prepare easter monkeys part 2