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Ppt draft standards tour guides

  1. 1. PUBLIC CONSULTATION National Accreditation Standards For Tour Guides
  2. 2. THE TOURISM ACT OF 2009 R.A. 9593 Formulate and implement a national standard for the operation and maintenance of tourism enterprises, prescribing minimum levels of quality and efficiency in order to ensure that facilities and services are maintained in accordance with acceptable local and international standards. OFFICE OF TOURISM STANDARDS AND REGULATION ACCREDITATION DIVISION
  3. 3. Why Are Tourism Standards Important? ENHANCED CUSTOMER SERVICE
  4. 4. Why Are Tourism Standards Important? BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE
  5. 5. a certification issued by the Department to an individual that officially recognizes him/her as having complied with the minimum standards for tour guides.
  6. 6. STEPS IN APPLYING FOR ONLINEACCREDITATION (New & Renewal Application) http://accreditationonline.tourism.gov.ph
  8. 8. DEFINITION TOUR GUIDE - an individual who guides tourists, both foreign and domestic, for a fee, commission, or any other form of lawful remuneration.
  9. 9. Tour Guides Classification and Training  National/Regional Guide - Regular Tour Guiding Seminar  Local Guide - Community Guiding Seminar  Cave/Mountain/River Guide - Eco-guiding Seminar
  10. 10. DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS  Occupational Permit  Proof of undergoing DOT Training/Seminar  Valid Health Certificate  NBI Clearance  For Senior Citizens, Health Certificate only
  12. 12. DEFINITION
  13. 13. Tour Guides Classification Regional Guide - guides within a specific region, province or city (e.g. Region III, Pampanga or Angeles City) Local Guide - guides within a specific site, attraction or community (e.g. Mt. Pinatubo) Specialist Guide - possess special skills and technical knowledge for specific activities and/or interest in any part of the Philippines (e.g. caving guides, mountain guides)
  14. 14. BASIC QUALIFICATIONS  Filipino resident or permanent resident foreign national  Minimum of 18 years old  Physically and mentally fit  Not have been convicted with finality of any crime by a court of justice or dismissed for a cause by any organization, whether public or private
  15. 15. BASIC QUALIFICATIONS  Educational Background:  Regional Guide  Specialist Guide  Local Guide Level  Language Proficiency:  Regional Guide  Specialist Guide  Local Guide at least 2nd year college or twoyear vocational course at least 2nd year college or twoyear vocational course at least Elementary - Proficient in English Proficient in English Conversant in English
  17. 17. FOR RENEWAL  Proof of undergoing a continuing education training/seminar  Minimum of 40 hours  Conducted by DOT or DOT-accredited training centers/ recognized associations, in which case, program or topic must be approved by DOT
  18. 18. TOUR GUIDE LEVELS  The level category shall serve as an indicator of the guide’s expertise in the industry which can be determined after due evaluation of his/her skill and professional credentials Junior Guide Senior Guide Master Guide
  19. 19. JUNIOR GUIDE  Entry level and shall be attained upon compliance with DOT’s basic accreditation requirements. SENIOR GUIDE  The second level and shall be attained upon compliance with the following:  6 years continuous guiding experience as DOT-accredited tour guide  Commendation from travel and tour agencies/tourism related associations/enterprises excluding tour guide associations  At least 1 foreign language other than English
  20. 20. MASTER GUIDE  The highest level and shall be awarded to a tour guide who passed the following criteria:  10 years continuous guiding experience as DOTaccredited tour guide  Has achieved credibility and track record in tour guiding  Has extensive knowledge in area of guiding and field of specialization  Has consistently displayed excellence in field of expertise, earning distinction and making an impact on clients  Has broad acceptance through either local/international commendation/recognition from tourism-related associations and respect from peers in the field of expertise
  21. 21. PANEL INTERVIEW  Guides who wish to apply for level upgrade and have passed the requirements shall undergo a panel interview conducted by DOT.  Panel interview per level upgrade shall be scheduled every May of each year. Hence, applicants for level upgrade shall file their application at least one month prior to the scheduled interview.
  22. 22. RENEWAL PERIOD April 1 to June 30 VALIDITY PERIOD 2 Years
  23. 23. SUPERVISION Non-transferability of Accreditation Wearing of IDs and uniforms/proper attire for tours Automatic withdrawal of dormant Applications (inactive for 60 days)
  24. 24. NON-RENEWAL OF ACCREDITATION Refresher Seminar Course - for those inactive or failed to renew accreditation for at least two (2) but not over four (4) years Regular Tour Guide Training - for those inactive or failed to renew accreditation for more than four (4) years Level Downgrade - Master and Senior Guides shall be downgraded one category lower should they fail to renew their accreditation for more than four (4) years.
  25. 25. FEES Accreditation - P2,000.00 (Regional and Specialist Guide) - P500.00 (Local Guide) Lost Certificate - P1,000.00 ID Lost ID - P100.00 P100.00 -
  26. 26. FEES SURCHARGE Additional amount equivalent to 50%of the accreditation fee for renewals made after June 30 and another 100% shall be collected for every preceding year thereafter
  27. 27. GROUNDS FOR SUSPENSION/REVOCATION A. Making any false declaration or statement or making use of any such declaration or statement or any document containing the same or committing fraud or any act of misrepresentation for the purpose of obtaining the grant of accreditation B. Failure to maintain the standards and requirements for accreditation C. Failure to submit valid Occupational Permit between April to June of each year D. Promoting, facilitating or conducting activities involving drugrelated transactions, prostitution or sex tourism E. Gross and evident bad faith in dealing with clients / fraudulent solicitation of business
  28. 28. GROUNDS FOR SUSPENSION/REVOCATION F. Non-settlement of account and/or non-remittance of collection due to any establishment or agency of the government or any individual within the period prescribed by law or by the rules and regulations and circulars by the Department G. Patronage and/ or engaging the services of non-DOT accredited tourism establishments/ vehicles except in areas where there are no DOT accredited facilities and/ or services. H. Violation of or non-compliance with any of the provisions of these rules, Tour Guides Code of Ethics, promulgated orders, decisions and circulars issued by the Department and other concerned government agencies; I. Organizing tours as a travel and tour agency without the necessary documents to operate such enterprise J. Any other act or omission that works against the interest of the
  29. 29. GROUNDS FOR DENIAL A. Non-settlement of the complaint filed against them with the Department B. Cancellation/Revocation of Accreditation PENALTIES First Offense - Six (6) months Suspension of Accreditation Second Offense - One (1) year Suspension of Accreditation Third Offense - Revocation of Accreditation
  31. 31. ACCREDITATION STANDARDS Standard PRESENT REVISED Filipino Resident and Permanent Resident Foreign National ✔ ✔ Minimum Educational Background X ✔ Required Proficiency in English X ✔ Tour Guide Levels X ✔
  32. 32. DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS Standard PRESENT REVISED Occupational Permit ✔ ✔ Health Certificate ✔ ✔ NBI Clearance ✔ ✔ Barangay Clearance for Local Guides Proof of Passing DOT Training/Seminar ✔ Valid Visa and Working Permit for Foreign Nationals ✔ ✔ Conducted by DOT or DOT-Accredited Training Center ✔
  33. 33. FEES PRESENT PROPOSED Validity of ACcreditation 1 Year 2 Years Accreditation Fee 150.00 2,000.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 30.00 100.00 Renewal Fee ID Lost Certificate/ID 1,000.00 –Certificate 100.00 –ID