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10 reasons why businesses need a website


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Why a website is important for a business?

Published in: Business, Technology
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10 reasons why businesses need a website

  1. 1. WEBSITES NEVER SLEEPS:Many people surf the web in the eveningwhen most businesses are closed --which is fine because websites neversleep! A website will allow your businessor organization to be open 24 hours aday, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.Having a website is the equivalent ofhaving an employee working around theclock -- even weekends and holidays!
  2. 2. WEBSITES ARE NOT JUSTLOCAL:They Are Global. Most small businessesare only able to market to their town andsurrounding communities. With a website,you can take your goods and servicesacross India and around the world, if youso choose.
  3. 3. DO YOU KNOW 6.9BILLION PEOPLE?:The latest figures (2011) reveal that outof 6.9 billion world population, 2.09billion are active Internet users & it isgrowing @ 480.4%. Now imagine if yourbusiness could even reach 1% of this,which is approx. 20 million probablecustomers.
  4. 4. "JUST GOOGLE IT":More than ever before, people areturning away from traditional means offinding information and looking online.Your business should be at theirfingertips.
  5. 5. YOUR TOP COMPETITORHAS A WEBSITE:If you are in direct competition withanother business that has a website, theyhave a clear advantage. A website is agreat way to level the playing field.
  6. 6. WEBSITES IMPROVECUSTOMER CONFIDENCE &CORPORATE IMAGE:With a professional website, you will improveyou overall impression to the public and, in turn,your customers will develop a greater sense ofconfidence in your organization.
  7. 7. PLAY WITH THE BIGGUYS:Many small companies successfully takeon the big Guys. Websites can berelatively inexpensive (compared torunning a brick-and-mortar store), andwith proper usability and search engineoptimization your website can be as goodas your larger competitors, or evenbetter!
  8. 8. PEOPLE EXPECT IT:By having a website you show the worldthat you are a viable business. Not havingone makes you suspicious in the eyes ofmany prospects. It is silly but true: awebsite will enhance perceivedprofessionalism.
  9. 9. COMPETITION FORCESYOU TO(O):Your competition will force you to get awebsite, if you do not already have one.Customers (especially the newergenerations) will demand you have awebsite, and will pass you over if you donot have one. It is a matter of adjustingto shifting market conditions. And thingswill continue to shift, at an amazingspeed – just look at how fast the Internethas become an integral part of our lives…
  10. 10. WEBSITES AREGREATADVERTISING:Whatever youre advertising – services,products or just yourself – a website is agreat way to do it. Every other kind ofadvertising going costs a premium,especially if you want to target a specifickind of person, and theres no guaranteethat theyre paying attention. Websitesare like brochures that are free toreproduce, interactive, and quicklydistributed to people who are alreadylooking for them. No advertising mediumeven comes close to the ease-of-use andeffectiveness of a website.
  11. 11. A WEBSITE IS AWORLDWIDE PRESENCE:On the web, it doesnt matter whether someoneis next door to you or on the other side of theworld, they can see your website just the sameas anyone else can, and it doesnt cost you orthem any extra. Phone and mailings both costenormous amounts long-distance, but yourwebsite lets you send information anywherewithout any extra effort or expense. You canmake friends and contacts in places youve neverbeen and will never go – suddenly, workingglobally is no more effort than working locally.
  12. 12. YOUR WEBSITE CANMAKE YOU MONEY:Theres a lot of money on the web, andits not hard to get some – the longeryoure online, the bigger your share canget. If you have something to sell, youcan sell it worldwide, thanks to creditcards & online payments. Doing businessonline eliminates almost every overheadthere is: all you need to do is have thegoods. You can set up a steady trickle ofincome... and theres no limit to thenumber of trickles you can set up.
  13. 13. YOUR WEBSITE CANSAVE YOU TIME:Giving out information takes time, whetherits on the phone, or in brochures, or even ifits just emailing your family. Websites aredesigned to save you time. Customers cansee your whole product catalog without everneeding to talk to you or visit you. This isthe power of the web: things on it arewritten only once, but can be downloadedendlessly – a good website runs itself, andkeeps being useful to people for muchlonger than youd expect.
  14. 14. MAKE LIFE EASIER:Websites can make you customer’s liveseasier – and yours! Look at onlinebanking, or ticket ordering. Whole newindustries have emerged because peoplewant to be able to do things themselves,from their home or office – because it iseasier. So: what will make yourcustomers’ lives easier?
  15. 15. ENHANCE MARKETINGEFFECTIVENESS:Success does not come from doing onething right. What you need is a marketingmix, and a website can be a powerfulingredient. Mentioning a website in aradio, TV or print ad may just be thething that wins people over – especially ifthe online experience feels similar to theoffline communication.