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March 2014


National organizing expert Vicki Norris to speak
at unique year-lo...
“We are in-the-future type of people.”
Stella and Dareld Satern are the
type of people you’d love to sit
down with and hav...
(cont.) together, Stella and Dareld kept busy with

their own hobbies. Stella authored a book, The
Nehalem River Valley. “...
Contact a Full Life team member for additional details, including registration, transportation informatio...
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Touchmark at Fairway Village - March 2014 Newsletter


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Touchmark at Fairway Village - March 2014 Newsletter

  1. 1. March 2014 THE{FULL}LIFE TOUCHMARK AT FAIRWAY VILLAGE National organizing expert Vicki Norris to speak at unique year-long Lunch ‘n Learn series A noted professional organizer, author, speaker, and media expert, Vicki will give five presentations at Touchmark. The first presentation will be April 9. Vicki is the president of Restoring Order®, and since 1999, her team has helped countless individuals and businesses organize their lives, homes, and offices. She has designed this series specifically for older adults and those looking to downsize, and it is exclusively being offered at Touchmark. Wednesday, April 9: Secrets to Ordering Your Life Find out why people must change their thinking before they can change their behavior, and why organizing is a means and not an end. Wednesday, May 14: In Order to Move Are you or a loved one in the process of or thinking about moving? This session focuses on downsizing and transitions. Wednesday, July 9: Financial Paperwork Learn how to create a simple financial system that will provide incredible peace of mind. Topics include bill-paying systems, tax paperwork, managing receipts, and archiving systems. Wednesday, Sept. 10: Reclaim Your Health Did you know that your home is full of clues that can help you discover the keys to your health? There are simple steps you can take to enhance and extend your life. Wednesday, Nov. 12: Discover Your Purpose Unpack your personal story. This final session focuses on learning a process to examine/ find your purpose. Each Lunch ‘n Learn starts at 12:30 pm with lunch, which costs $10. Beginning at 1:15, Vicki will speak for an hour. There is no charge for her presentation, so if you prefer not to eat lunch, you can still attend. You may recognize Vicki from her seven years as the professional organizing expert on KATU’s AM Northwest or on HGTV’s Mission: Organization. She is sought after nationally for interviews and speaking engagements, and this series will be very useful for many families. Seating is limited, and you must sign up for each presentation that you wish to attend. Those who sign up for all five sessions will receive a complimentary copy of Vicki’s first book Reclaim Your Life and Get Organized for Good.
  2. 2. “We are in-the-future type of people.” Stella and Dareld Satern are the type of people you’d love to sit down with and have a cup of coffee. They are full of life and brimming with good stories. And while they will gladly share their interesting pasts with you, they prefer talking about the future and the many activities they are involved in now. “We have met so many great people, and every day is different here,” says Dareld, “We really like that.” Born and raised in Oregon Although Stella and Dareld were both born and raised in the same state, they didn’t meet until after they had already enjoyed full careers and their children were grown. Stella was born in Portland, but she spent most of her childhood near Astoria, Ore. After graduating from schools in the Nehalem Valley, she went on to Oregon State University to get her teaching credentials. She taught a few years in Astoria and Gresham, then earned her Master’s in Education at the University of Northern Colorado. “I taught at San Jose Christian College and eventually ended up in Oregon again, at Portland State University (PSU),” she says. Dareld was born in the small FITNESS town of Silverton, Ore. He received his teaching credentials at Pacific Lutheran College in Tacoma, Wash. After one year of teaching at a school in Astoria, though, Dareld decided he wanted to do something else with his life. He soon became a sales representative for Lederle Laboratories, which eventually merged with Pfizer, and worked the Portland sales territory right up to his retirement. FITNESS Years later in Portland, mutual friends introduced Stella and Dareld to each other. They quickly discovered they had taught at the same junior high school in Astoria, missing each other by a few years. This gave them a lot in common to talk about, eventually leading to their marriage and full life together. Building a new life after retirement Upon retiring, the Saterns sold their home, bought an RV, and began traveling. For several years, they motored up and down the West Coast. Then they sold the RV and began traveling around Europe. Stella laughs and says, “We became international travelers and had such a great time.” The couple also made numerous trips to Hawaii to help their daughter and son-in-law, who were producing PGA golf tournaments there. Beyond their travels (cont.) CLUB AQUATIC NEWS The club is offering Tai Chi For Better Balance at 11 am and the Stay Active and Independent for Life at 2 pm. Both classes are evidence-based to increase functional movements, balance, and strength. Start your spring training today with these two classes, which are offered three times a week. Call fitness club for details. PERSONAL TRAINER
  3. 3. (cont.) together, Stella and Dareld kept busy with their own hobbies. Stella authored a book, The Nehalem River Valley. “I enjoyed the whole process, especially doing the research,” she says. They printed 2,500 copies of her book and sold them all. Stella has also written four family histories and many biographies of pro golfers for the PGA tournaments. Dareld enjoyed golf for many years and was good enough to play in 17 pro-amateur tournaments. He has quite a collection of tee gifts and trophies that he won, which have been on display in the Touchmark Art Gallery. “I used to do a lot of woodworking, carving, and photography, too,” says Dareld. “I still like to take pictures.” Making the easy move to Touchmark For 17 years, the Saterns lived in a condominium across the street from where the Touchmark community is today. “When Touchmark started developing the property, we would wander over and watch it being built,” Dareld says. “We gradually started joining them for barbecues and other functions. We got to know the residents and staff and ended up moving into a Terrace apartment a little over two years ago.” Life today is fuller and busier than ever “There are so many activities here that you can’t possibly fit them all in—you have to pick and choose,” Stella says. For Stella and Dareld, a typical day at Touchmark begins with exercise. Stella alternates her water aerobics and Rise ’n Shine fitness classes. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Dareld arrives at the fitness center by 6 am and works out by himself for an hour. On Tuesdays, they attend a Bible study, and on Thursday mornings, they join their Stepping Out walking group for a brisk walk. “We go to nearby parks, along the waterfront, or other areas we didn’t know existed,” says Dareld. “It’s good exercise and a lot of fun.” The Saterns also believe in volunteering for Touchmark resident committees. Stella previously chaired the Activity Committee, while Dareld chaired the Exterior Committee. They recently gave up those in order to co-chair the Welcome Committee, overseeing 22 other volunteers. Stella is also very active on the Library Committee, having taught Library Science when she was at PSU. Dareld’s current project is working with staff to get an outdoor pickleball court ready for play. “Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport for people 55 and over,” declares Dareld. “It’s basically a slowed-down version of tennis. Stella and I love to play.” Not ones to dwell too much on the past, Stella insists, “We are in-the-future type of people.” Indeed, Stella and Dareld are always looking forward to volunteering for a new committee, starting a new activity, exploring a new walking trail, or meeting and getting to know a new neighbor. “We love it here,” says Stella. “We’ve made such good friends here.” CAPTURING DELIGHT{FULL} MOMENTS Look for more photos on Facebook. Love was in the air and in the smiles of those who enjoyed the Valentine’s photo booth. Other fun included pink ice ceam at the The Pretty in Pink Social.
  4. 4. EVENT HIGHLIGHTS Contact a Full Life team member for additional details, including registration, transportation information, and participation requirements. Sunday, March 2, 4: pm Watch the Academy Awards. Fireside Room. Tuesday, March 4, 2:30 pm It’s Fat Tuesday! Or as the French call it, Mardi Gras! Get ready to party New Orleans style. Wear your beads and enjoy appetizers, specialty drinks, a King cake, and music. We’ll also have a photo booth to capture fun pictures of you and your friends. No charge. Fireside Room. Friday, March 14, 2:30 pm My Story with David Schroeder. Courtside Dining Room. Friday, March 14, 7 pm Evening concert with Celtic Trill, harp and flute duo. Fireside Room. See the full calendar of events online: Connecting the Generations Marge Coalman, EdD Vice President of Wellness & Programs What’s the best thing about being a grandparent? Or what is your best memory of/with a grandparent/ grandchild? Not all of us are grandparents or great-grandparents— but all of us are grandchildren. At some time in our lives, we were able to experience the opportunity to know—or know of—our family history. ... Infuse your lifestyle with fun and friendships The lifestyle at Touchmark makes it easy to connect with friends and take part in activities. You’re able to enjoy the comfort and privacy of your home—and participate in what we call the {FULL} Life. Looking to infuse your lifestyle with fun, food, and friendship? We invite you to visit in person or online, including our Facebook page. Touchmark’s intergenerational program provides opportunities to connect with children of all ages through activities and celebrations, both at Touchmark and in other settings within the community. ... Read more online at TOUCHMARK AT FAIRWAY VILLAGE Full-service Retirement Community 2911 SE Village Loop • Vancouver, WA 98683 360-254-2866 • 149277 © 2014 Touchmark Living Centers, Inc., all rights reserved