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Touchmark on South Hill - August 2014 Newsletter


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Touchmark on South Hill - August 2014 Newsletter

  1. 1. TOUCHMARK ON SOUTH HILL THE{FULL}LIFE August 2014 Car show features autos spanning nearly a century A veritable history of cars, with autos spanning nearly 100 years, dotted the Touchmark campus during the recent car show. They included … • 1917 Chevrolet 490 • 1928 Ford Model AA • 1931 Cadillac Sport Phaeton • 1940 Buick 41, 4-door sedan • 1955 Pontiac Starchief • 1967 Dodge Cornet 500 • 1975 VW Street Dune Buggy • 1985 Mercedes 420 SEL • 2002 Lexus SC430 convertible • 2012 Mini Coupe Cooper S Proud car owners included Grant Person, who served as the event’s grand marshal and shared two of his vehicles. One is a restored 1931 Buick; the other is an original 1940 Buick. Grant’s grandfather gave him the 1940 Buick, and he has treasured the car since he was 16 years old. (photos cont.) Harry Mielke won the grand marshal choice award and participants’ choice award for his 16-cylinder 1931 Cadillac Sport Phaeton.“This was a thoroughly enjoyable event. It was a well run event, no pressure involved, had class, and was a lot of fun. We were treated to breakfast and lunch. The assortment of cars was of good quality.”
  2. 2. (cont.) Patty and Larry Avey enjoy a ride in a 1969 Alpha Romeo. Martha and Dale Loomer are pictured in a 1917 Chevrolet Model 490, which was stationed in the Touchmark lobby. Embrace your {FULL} Life Whether you’re looking for a home base while traveling, or you’re ready to enjoy a close community and local activities, Touchmark fits your lifestyle. Summer is here—and it’s a perfect season to stop by and see (and experience!) Touchmark. Ken and Kammi’s 1948 GMC Pickup.
  3. 3. CAPTURING DELIGHT{FULL} MOMENTS That’s a wrap—bus wrap, that is! Touchmark Executive Director Jeff Bair shows off the new artwork on the Touchmark bus. During a gathering of the Men’s Club, Spokane County Deputy Prosecutor Larry Haskell gave a wide-ranging talk, from fighting gang violence over the last 15 years to flying B1 and B52 bombers as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force. The Marine Corps League recently recognized Touchmark and resident Jack Rasmussen with a certificate of appreciation for loyalty and patriotism to our country for displaying the United States flag. From left: Vern and Sheila Berkompas, Lenore and Bill Gold, Linnea Kaiser, Ray Pearson, Nadine Finley, and Tomi Barney stop for a photo in the beautiful chapel at Mount Saint Michael. The group also enjoyed The Singing Nuns concert.
  4. 4. 1410037 © 2014 Touchmark, LLC, all rights reserved TOUCHMARK ON SOUTH HILL Full-service Retirement Community 2929 S Waterford Drive • Spokane, WA 99203 509-536-2929 • Contact a Life Enrichment/Wellness team member for additional details, including registration, transportation information, and participation requirements. Tuesday, Aug. 5, 5 pm Men’s Club Dinner and Discussion Group. Joe Bruce presents Space Frontiers with NASA and his collection of space paraphernalia. No charge. Hoyles. Wednesday, Aug. 6, 8 am - 5 pm Hutterite Colony Trip. Tour, lunch, and stop at the sausage factory in Odessa. Tickets: $49, plus a $10 trip charge. Friday, Aug. 15, 4 pm - 11 pm Dinner and CDA Summer Theater: The Addams Family. Call for tickets at 208- 660-2958. Saturday, Aug. 16, 7:30 pm Book of Mormon at INB Performing Arts Center. Call for tickets at 800-325-7328. Tuesday, Aug. 19, 1 pm Sudoku Class with Jeff Bair. No charge. Forum. Wednesday, Aug. 20, 10 am - 4 pm Campus Open House. Learn more about Touchmark’s offerings and The {FULL} Life. Monday, Aug. 25, 11:30 am Foxwood Tea House and Shopping in Newport, Washington. Cost: $35. Wednesday, Aug. 27, 11 am Lunch ’n Learn. The Seven Most Important Documents for Estate Planning. Hoyles. Call to RSVP. See the full event calendar online: TouchmarkSpokane. com/pdf/community-event- calendar.pdf RESOURCE{FULL} – The benefits of growing green Brian Pryor Executive Vice President Our environment, and how we feel about it, can have a huge impact on the way we feel. For many, the first areas that come to mind when we think of environmental wellness are things like reducing and conserving energy or reusing and recycling practices. These areas should be important to all of us, and they are areas of focus for Touchmark communities. Another area to consider is the impact and benefits that house plants have on the environment and our wellness. Research at Kansas State University (2006, Park, Seong-Hyun) on indoor plants identified several therapeutic benefits, including reduced stress, lower heart rates and blood pressure, decreased pain medication, and less fatigue and anxiety. Indoor plants also add color and brighten mood, moisturize and purify the air, and sharpen focus and attention. Some Touchmark communities have outdoor gardens, which are also beneficial for your body and soul. Gardening is considered a moderate to intense form of exercise and uses all three types of recommended activities—endurance, flexibility, and strength. Gardening also provides people with a sense of personal well-being through stress relief, education, and the creation of friendships. Indoors and outdoors, plants offer many benefits. Do you have a green thumb? Would you consider teaching others how to have a green thumb? Share your thoughts and ideas with your community’s Life Enrichment/Wellness team. Help us enhance environmental wellness; consider adding indoor plants to your home environment. If you are interested in a list of safe plants, send me an email at FullLife@ EVENT HIGHLIGHTS