Touchmark at West Propect Newsletter - July 2013


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A single stroke creates “beautiful writing”
Over the rainbow … is Touchmark
Team member spotlight

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Touchmark at West Propect Newsletter - July 2013

  1. 1. October 2011 | page 1 EVENT{FULL}Monthly updates from your {FULL} Life community TOUCHMARK ON WEST PROSPECT Issue 7, 2013 | page 1 A single stroke creates “beautiful writing” A college class inspired a lifelong love of calligraphy for Patti Ebben that she’s now sharing with others. A Touchmark resident since 2012, the former Appleton Area School District teacher is offering calligraphy classes to interested residents. “I just fell in love with calligraphy during that class—it’s such a great artistic expression, and I just enjoy doing it so much,” says Patti, who has done calligraphy on invitations, signs, buildings, walls, and more through the years. “People are always asking me how to do it and if I can show them, and I’m happy to.” Calligraphy, which Patti first learned while attending Cardinal Stritch University, takes its name from Ancient Greek and means “beautiful writing.” This visual art is similar to writing, but it uses a brush or a special pen to create letters using a single stroke. Patti, who has MS, continues to do calligraphy on a daily basis. “I sometimes drive my friends a bit crazy, because I’m always doing something,” she says. Technology hasn’t diminished interest in calligraphy, Patti says. “The more people are on their computers or phones typing away, I think there’s more of a thirsting out there for the past and a more traditional way of doing things, like calligraphy,” she says. “Calligraphy is especially popular for things like wedding invitations.” Through the years, Patti has taught calligraphy to groups big and small, adding she is looking forward to working with her new Touchmark neighbors. “It’s something I really enjoy doing, and if you can write, you can do this,” she says. Besides doing calligraphy, Patti enjoys talking about it and all the joy it has brought her. “I’ve created my own alphabet style that my brother uploaded to a website that created it into a computer font,” she says. “I’ve also copied some quotes that I framed and had in juried art shows. You can really let your creativity shine through.”
  2. 2. TOUCHMARK ON WEST PROSPECT Issue 7, 2013 | page 2 Fun happenings Miles Carlson, Marlys Carlson, Anne Crone, and Jean Ormson enjoy a beautiful day at the Gardens of the Fox Cities. Miles Carlson, a member of the Touchmark Photography Club, captures a scene during a bus trip to the Gardens of the Fox Cities. (cont.)
  3. 3. October 2011 | page 1 TOUCHMARK ON WEST PROSPECT Issue 7, 2013 | page 3 Wild turkeys have come back to visit the Fox Pointe neighborhood. Residents enjoyed Beanbag Baseball and Brewskies. The winning team was (from left) Mary Kesler, Forrest Crone, Val Cornwell, and Florence Sytsma. (cont.) Over the rainbow … is Touchmark Resident Bob Swain snapped this photo after a recent thunderstorm. Server and Host Leslie Brandt just celebrated her one- year anniversary at Touchmark. “I love the residents I work for,” says Leslie. “They bring a smile to my face every day!” Outside of work, Leslie volunteers and helps teach religious education and take care of a young boy. In her free time, she enjoys being with her family, going for walks, and playing board games. She especially loves spending time outside in the sunshine. Team member spotlight
  4. 4. TOUCHMARK ON WEST PROSPECT Issue 7, 2013 | page 4 Contact a Full Life team member for additional details, including registration, transportation information, and participation requirements. Seating is limited; please RSVP to 920-225-1013. Tuesday, July 16, 3 pm AVES Aerial Predators Presentation. Chapel. No charge. Thursday, July 18, 2 - 4 pm Fox Pointe Homes Open House at 2558 Touchmark Court. Wednesday, July 24, 3 pm Jazz Afternoon with Tim Gavorsky. Your toes will be tapping and your head bobbing as Tim plays his saxophone and sings. Sip cocktails and enjoy some light snacks while listening to some cool jazz. Tim is a classically trained saxophone player who is well known for his impersonations of Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and even Kermit the Frog. Lobby. No charge. Monday, July 29, 6:45 pm Fox Cities Swing Band Performance. No charge. See the full calendar of events online: TouchmarkAppleton. com/pdf/community-event- calendar.pdf EVENT HIGHLIGHTS Think of as many things as possible that are red, white, and blue. __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ BRAIN BUILDERS Celebrating in your new home The Taft floor plan at 2558 Touchmark Court offers 1,295 square feet, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, cathedral ceilings, a screened porch, wooded backyard, covered patio, and gas fireplace. Apartment 233 features more than 600 square feet, one bathroom, one bedroom, and a balcony. Touchmark on West Prospect 2601 Touchmark Drive | Appleton, WI 54914 | 920-832-9100 | 800-689-3479 | TAW108 Rev. 12/08, © 2008, Touchmark Living Centers, Inc., all rights reserved The Grande Homes For illustration purposes only. Square footage, actual room sizes, and features may vary. See construction documents. 604 sq. ft. 1 Bedroom | 1 Bath W.I.C.DW
  5. 5. TOUCHMARK ON WEST PROSPECT 2601 Touchmark Drive • Appleton, WI 54914 920-832-9100 • © 2011 Touchmark Living Centers, Inc., all rights reserved You said it! “Through Touchmark, we offer you an active living environment where you will meet new friends and fulfill dreams and aspirations. The comment we hear most often from those living in our communities is, ‘We wish we had moved sooner.’” -Werner G. Nistler, Jr., Touchmark Founder and CEO Marge Coalman, EdD Vice President of Wellness & Programs The right to question authority “In these chaotic times we must move from cognitive dissonance to inspirational dissonance by learning to live more deeply in the questions, and to ask new ones.” – Anne Dosher, Elder of the Ashland Institute and International Women’s Dialogue The headlines alone are enough to baffle us. Why would someone shoot and kill children and their teachers? How does a citizen feel empowered by sharing information that could jeopardize the well-being of others? “Why, why, why?” No one knows the answers, and some debate the questions. The question seems to be, “Does the right to be heard override the rights of others to be safe?” That challenge lies with the Supreme Court, the Canadian Ministries, and leaders in democratic countries around the world. In reality, it is important to be heard but not necessary to be right. That is the premise of the constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Canadian provincial governance, and other democratic bodies. As we celebrate Canada Day July 1 and the Fourth of July in the USA, we set aside personal preferences and biases and focus on the lives dedicated to freedom and the rights we all hold dear. In my interviews with Touchmark residents, I often pause and reflect on the wisdom, life experience, patriotism, and thoughtful observations they share. In the Lifelong Learning, Civic Engagement, and Legacy project offerings of Touchmark’s Full Life Wellness & Life Enrichment Program, there are venues and opportunities for residents to participate and share their knowledge and opinions. To contribute and participate in the Full Life’s Lifelong Learning programs, contact Life Enrichment/Wellness Director Katie Escribano. Support learning over the life span— whether there is universal agreement or not.