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Promote your gardening business online in the UK


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Find out how you can take advantage of gardening online marketing features. Get advice from award-winning marketing experts. Read our case study on the latest gardening marketing project completed.

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Promote your gardening business online in the UK

  1. 1. How to Promote Your Gardening Business Online Expert advice from award-winning online marketing specialist
  2. 2. Have a gardening business? • You need to reach your local customers through every channel • Creating an engaging website featuring your work will help. • Look at your competition’s activity • Register in local directories. Don’t waste money on print advertising.
  3. 3. Highlight Your Unique Features • Do you offer more than your competition? • Have you got awards, and industry recognition? • Have you received positive feedback from customers? • FEATURE IT ON YOUR WEBSITE, SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES, AND BUSINESS PROFILES TO STAND OUOT FROM THE CROWD.
  4. 4. Online VS. Offline Gardening Service Advertising Online Ads • Flexible, you can change any time • Targeting your local customers • Creates engagement • Free Publicity • Different channels and tools: videos, images, text Print ads and leaflets • You are tied to a contract and content, hard to change • Lack of interactive media options • Lack of customer engagement • Not targeted to the right customer • Expensive
  5. 5. Case Study: Cutting Hedge Gardening • New gardening company contacted us with the need to create their online presence. • We created an interactive website, featuring their qualification, past work, and industry recognition • We have created engaging social media campaigns to attract local customers • Now, the business has a great visibility in the local market, and leads among all gardening services in the area.
  6. 6. Cutting Hedge Gardening: Website
  7. 7. Cutting Hedge Gardening: Marketing • We created directory listings with images based on search engine terms • We increased the search engine visibility of the site • We registered the business on Google Maps, Bing Places, Google My Business, and social media sites. • You can now find the service everywhere, not only in your local newspaper.
  8. 8. Small Business marketing from Laura’s Sales Funnels • If you have a new or existing family-run gardening business, get in touch with our online marketing experts • We tailor our sales funnels to the needs of your business. Ready for your free, no obligation meeting? Book it at: or