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12076354 affiliate-marketing-why-so-many-struggle

  1. 1. PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution Affiliate Marketing – Why So Many Struggle Source: Toucan-Marketing Uk Dated: Feb. 08, 2013 In recent years, many people were trying their hands on affiliate marketing, and the bad news is that around 97 percent of them failed. In recent years, many people were trying their hands on affiliate marketing, and the bad news is that around 97 percent of them failed. There are different reasons for that trend, and if you would like to avoid the most common internet marketing pitfalls, you have to try and learn from other people’s mistakes. Read about them below. Expecting Too Much Too Soon As the internet is full of scams, many people claim that it is possible to start making money in just hours with affiliate marketing. As long as people believe this story, they will never take the business model seriously, and can only expect the results associated with their input. Just in like every business, there is a learning curve involved in affiliate internet marketing. Competition Just imagine a town of 2000 people with over 100 home repair services. Do you think that all of those people would make a living? Obviously, not. Still, the best would find a strategy to please customers and make them order the service from them. The same is true with affiliate marketing. There is a huge competition and internet marketers should focus on giving people a good reason to buy from them and no other people. Picking the Wrong Campaigns Those who are inexperienced with internet marketing often pick the wrong promotion methods and campaigns. As there are hundreds of CPA networks and thousands of affiliate marketing companies on the internet, it is not easy to find the right one at first. However, market research and participating in forums would certainly help marketers avoid making a mistake and wasting their efforts. Seasonal Affiliate Marketing There is a great trend among affiliate marketers, and this is seasonal promotions. Whenever there is a new ClickBank launch they jump on the offer, make some money and then earn nothing for the rest of the year. Or even worse: find a seasonal offer online and market before Christmas, then spend a few months to change their promotion for a new product. Successful affiliate marketing starts with a long term promotion plan that involves list building and reputation management. Find out more about the advanced affiliate methods at: http://www.toucan-marketing.biz/skyrocket.html --- End --- Email Click to contact author Country United Kingdom Industry Affiliate program, Advertising Tags affiliate marketing, Internet Marketing, marketer Page 1/2
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