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12051460 where-will-affiliate-marketing-move-in-2013


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12051460 where-will-affiliate-marketing-move-in-2013

  1. 1. PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution Where Will Affiliate Marketing Move in 2013? Source: Toucan-Marketing Uk Dated: Jan. 01, 2013 If you are looking at your business in the beginning of the New Year, you need to identify the most important challenges you are likely to face in 2013. If you are looking at your business in the beginning of the New Year, you need to identify the most important challenges you are likely to face in 2013. If you take internet marketing seriously, just like any other business, you will need a surefire plan to be able to deal with the changes and shifts in the market, or even your niche. Experts have been discussing the issue for months, and there are some important patterns identified, relevant to internet and affiliate marketing. Shift towards Mobile Shopping Mobile shopping is becoming more popular, therefore, landing pages and sales pages need to be shorter and more relevant. People on the go will not be that interested in long winded content; a well optimized video sales letter will prove to be more efficient. The safety of mobile optimized pages needs to be increased by vendors and affiliates in order to gain the trust of buyers. Mobile Apps Market The mobile apps market is a good place to try as a new niche in affiliate marketing. It has been growing fast in the past few years, and is still on the rise. As new apps and games are developed, some marketers might want to shift their focus from desktop-based software sales to these new types of applications to serve their market better. From search tools to translators and games; anything can be sold on the net for a good commission in 2013. Optimizing All Content to Mobiles It is evident that all content; from articles to blogs, websites and videos need to be optimized for mobiles. YouTube has reported a huge growth in mobile views of video content in 2012. As phones and Android tablets become more suitable for everyday computing, marketers can find new channels to reach out to potential buyers. Increasing Cost of Advertising The cost of paid ads, such as PPC would create a great challenge for affiliate marketers in 2013. Those who succeeded at Facebook ads might see a change in the price of clicks and targeting features. There will also be fewer opportunities for paid link placements on blogs, as webmasters are becoming more cautious about outgoing links, due to the several Google search updates in the past 30 months. Decreasing Paid Ad Conversions This is a trend that has hit the internet marketing industry years ago and is likely to continue. As people are getting clever, they are consciously avoiding paid ads even more. Organic traffic therefore will be more precious, but the competition will increase alike. As affiliate marketers need to disclose their status and associations on all landing pages, this can have a negative effect on conversions, too. Page 1/2
  2. 2. PR Log - Global Press Release DistributionStrict Regulations2013 might bring even more FTC rules, especially regarding behavioral advertising. Targeting would beharder, and relevant content will gain more importance. This might be a benefit for some people in affiliatemarketing, though, who have been trying to provide value to their customers for years.Read more affiliate marketing tips on our affiliate marketing training blog. Watch our latest video at: End ---Email Click to contact authorCity/Town WirralState/Province MerseysideCountry United KingdomIndustry Advertising, Affiliate programTags affiliate marketing, promotion, Internet Marketing, 2013, trendLink Scan this QR Code with your SmartPhone to- * Read this news online * Contact author * Bookmark or share online Page 2/2