SYY Akatemia teaser


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Teaser for the SYY Akatemia social entrepreneurship training that is planned to starting in Autumn 2011

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SYY Akatemia teaser

  1. 1. My job is so boring. Since my I want tograndson moved Lahden help theseto Turku I feel so old peoplelonely Pankki connect with the society. Mikko
  2. 2. I want to create new services for old Hey buddy, have people. But I never you heard of the ran a business SYY Akatemia? before. Mikko
  3. 3. SYY A katem iaTraini ng ce busine nter and s for so s incubator c entrep ial reneu rs.
  4. 4. Try it out! At the pilot daysSounds useful! 11.-13. Feb inI’ll check it out. Helsinki Mikko
  5. 5. Pilot day I: Hear Helsinki Pesticides… Loss of diversity.. Spreading the word wasn’t enough I set up a company that distributes organic food to catering companies. Makes sense. So this is social entrepre neurship Mikko
  6. 6. Pilot day I: Hear teamworkHelsinki SYY- Akatemia Team meet Lunch with Workshop & coach Company visit
  7. 7. Those people were makingLahden a living doing what theyPankki love... I want the sameMikko
  8. 8. Was great meeting you at the pilot days. Have you been Laura planning your Espoo ecohousing project? Mikko Sure, and what areLahti you up to? Hanna Helsinki
  9. 9. Pilot day II: SeeHelsinki I got your contact from SYY Akatemia. Could I volunteer for you for a day or two at your company? Why not, welcome!
  10. 10. Pilot day II: SeeHelsinki Theyre so busy... So many opportunities for improvement!
  11. 11. Pilot day III: Do. Planning your business model.Helsinki You should contact these people whore working on a similar thing Wow, so many ideas on how to really get And for funding you started could check out these regional funds
  12. 12. Who else should hear about it? Hey Paula, I know youve been thinking about And for funding you founding a youth cafe. could check out You should regional these apply for funds SYY Akatemia too! Wow, so many ideas on how to really Thanks for the get started tip, I will! Mikko Lahti Paula Lahti
  13. 13. Apply! Name Mikko How ca n SYY A katemia help yo u? Suppor t and pra ctical tra ining How ca n you co team at ntribute SYY Aka to your temia? Passion and har d work SEND