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First Engineers - Relocation

  1. 1. 01. pre-visit 03. transportation 05. registration 07. settling in 09. first support 02. immigration 04. temporary 06. house 08. first residence finding network
  2. 2. RelocationIn today’s globalized world companies Relocating to a new country offers into the Norwegian culture and society.are constantly seeking the best tal- numerous challenges and oppor- Our goal in every relocation processent, and the competition for qualified tunities. Being proactive and having is to enable the employee to be an ef-engineers is increasing worldwide. a strategic approach to the relocation ficient resource for the company fromFirst Engineers provides solutions by process can save both the company the very first day. By having a long-offering standard packages and tailor- and the assignee a lot of unnecessary term view on relocation we also aidmade services designed to meet the bureaucracy and increase long-term our clients in ensuring retainment ofrequirements of expatriates relocating retainment. With our knowledge and the Norway. experience we ensure a safe transition
  3. 3. 01. Pre-visit Before the assignee accepts a position or assignment, the company may offer a trip to the destination to assess the move. First Engineers welcomes the assignee at the airport, and the assignee is taken for a visit to the company, and a tour of residential areas, schools, recreational facilities, shopping locations, etc. We provide relevant information on life in Norway, and answer any questions the assignee may have. 01. pre-visitFirst Engineers provide the following pre-visit services:• Airport pick-up • Information on social activities• Information on and visits to schools • Information on healthcare facilities• Area tour • Other points of interests
  4. 4. 02. immigration When moving internationally it is supported throughout the process. essential to get necessary immigra- We also accompany the assignee to tion paperwork done promptly and the police station to submit the efficiently. application and obtain the proof of We ensure that applications for registration. work and residence permits (Non- EU citizens), or Proof of Registra- tion (EU citizens), are compiled and delivered effectively. EU citizens We make sure the assignee is well informed on the procedure, and 02. immigrationFirst Engineers provide the following EU immigration services:• Provide assignee with the necessary • Gather necessary documentation • Pre-register the assignee with the UDIinformation on application procedure • Review all documentation and make sure • Accompany assignee to submit applicationand required documentation everything is in order and obtain proof of registration
  5. 5. non-EU For non-EU citizens, the immigration process is slightly more complicated and comprehensive than for EU nationals. We therefore set up a pro- gress plan for the application in coordination with the company and assignee In addition to services required for an orderly and smooth application, we also keep an extra eye on the process, making sure to inform the assignee and company of all relevant progress. First Engineers provide the following non-EU immigration services:• Set up application plan • Hand in application from Norway • Accompany assignee to police station• Gather and review documentation • Keep track of progress i UDI and inform for validation• Pre-register the assignee with the UDI about results
  6. 6. 03. transportation Our transportation services cover all Additionally, we offer information practicalities related to the physical on and assist with imports of relocation to Norway. various articles, such as pets or vehicles. We ensure that the assignees arrive safely and at the appointed time, arranging with flight tickets and pick- up of the assignees at the airport. We also assist each individual assignment with required moving services.03. transportation First Engineers provide the following transportation services: • Travel agent • Storage Solutions • Airport pick up • Insurance • Moving services • Imports assistance
  7. 7. 04. temporary04. temporary residence residenceFirst Engineers can arrange for the assignee, until permanenttemporary accommodation at an residence is available.appropriate apartment or hotel for
  8. 8. 05. registrationFirst Engineers assists in applyingnecessities like tax card, personalidentity number/ D-number, and bankaccount, as well as registering forhealth care services.We help the assignees with pre-fillingapplications, checking that they arecorrectly completed before hand-in,and accompany them to the relevantoffice. We continuously follow up onthe assignee and provide assistancewhere necessary. 05. registrationFirst Engineers provide the following registration services:• D-number • Health care • Insurance• Tax-card • Bank account
  9. 9. 06. house findingFinding the right home is crucial for The assignee is accompanied to all We help the assignee with inspectionlong term satisfaction. viewings, and we take care of ne- of the property, making sure every- cessary dealings with agent/owner thing is in accordance with specifica-We maintain a close dialogue with to ensure everything is in order and tions.the assignee on this point, sharing that the assignee is not botheredinformation about the real-estate with extra in Norway, and discuss-ing the assignee´s housing needs When a suitable residence is foundand preferences. We then screen and agreed upon, we accompany thethe market for residences matching assignee to the formal take-over ofthese criteria. the property. 06. house findingFirst Engineers provide the following house finding services:• Discuss real-estate • Screen market house viewings • Accompany assigneemarket and housing • Plan, coordinate and • Ensure proper process to take-over of propertypreferences with assignee accompany assignee to with owner / agent and conduct inspection
  10. 10. 07. settling in Our settling in service helps the We also assist them in pursuing their assignees with all practical aspects hobbies by locating and signing them needed to start feeling at home in up for local gyms, organized sports, their new country of residence. etc. We provide important information and Services covering arrangement of an introduction to Norwegian culture, necessary utilities, such as electricity, religion, language, climate etc. TV, Internet and insurance, are also provided in the settling-in process, An area-orientation is provided to help as well as subscriptions to preferred the assignees in their daily navigation magazines, newspapers, etc. in their new neighborhood and city. 07. settling inFirst Engineers provide the following settling in services:• Welcome package • Area orientation • Activities and courses• Introduction to Norway • Arrange for necessary subscriptionsand city of residence (utilities, newspapers, etc)
  11. 11. 08. first network Together with our partners we of- fer networking services and social activities through our First Network, including events such as celebrations of major holidays, skiing trips, tours of famous sites and scenic spots, net- work memberships, and more. We can also tailor several expat social activity packages, to provide the assignee with a better foundation to expand his / her own network. 08. first networkFirst Engineers provide the following First Network services:• Social events • Network memberships • Skiing trips / hiking• Holiday celebrations • Guided tours • Seminars and courses
  12. 12. 09. first supportFirst Engineers takes pride in giving When purchasing our Executiveevery case a personal touch. We take package, our First Support servicepersonal interest in all our assignees, includes 24 hours availabilityand follow up on them as closely as 7 days a week, so the assignee canwe are able. We want to make sure our reach us whenever the need forassignees get a positive first impression support arises.of their new country, and we want theimpression to stay that way.We are therefore available for assistancefrom 09.00 until 18.00, Monday toFriday. 09. first supportFirst Engineers provide the following First Support services:• Telephone assistance 9 hours a day, • Telephone assistance 24 hours a day,5 days a week (included in the 7 days a week (included in the ExecutivePremium Package) Package)
  13. 13. additional services Our bundled services are tailored to meet the requirements of our most frequent relocation assignments. However, First Engineers also offers several additional services, to suit every circumstance. These can be purchased as add-on services to the various packages or even as single independent services, depending on the customer’s needs and preferences.• Tuberculosis control • Driver’s licence • Children’s welfare • School / kindergarten • Departure(Non-EU citizens). • Spouse Career support benefits signup.• Screen market
  14. 14. Photos: Give your employees a warm welcome to Norway with First RelocationFirst Engineers AS | tel: (+47) 21 42 42 90 | e-mail: |