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  1. 1. Inspiration to our film
  2. 2. Why?  Vacancy was a big hit amongst our target audience, so we felt this was an inspiration to our film as the contents was clearly favourable amongst viewers, and we hoped to emulate this through our filming. This film relies on its editing and cinematography to help create suspense, so we hoped to apply the skills they used in this film to enhance ours.
  3. 3. Similarities  Just as in our film, they have two main characters, a man and a woman. The first minute or so of Vacancy indicates a journey of some sort. The characters also had different ideas on which way to go on their journey, just like the characters in our film.
  4. 4. Causal links  You see in Vacancy that they are in a spooky motel room, and that there chances of survival were very minimal. Causal is where the possibility of danger occurring becomes an inevitability, just as in Appleby Street when Aimee sees Ben dead. In Vacancy this occurs when they see the viewing of a killing.