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Evaluation media


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Evaluation media

  1. 1. Evaluation question
  2. 2.  Throughout my work, the message displayed within „Hall ofFame‟ of „rising to the top‟ has been a repetitive theme that‟sbeen used in all of my work. This theme is evident in the lyrics of the song; “You can be thegreatest, you can be the best”, and so highlights the messagethat anyone can achieve greatness, and the cliché that „the sky isthe limit‟. I have effectively used the combination of my three products(video, poster, and digipak) to convey this message to theviewer. With this message as a repetitive theme in all my work, it helpsgain a recognisable theme of the band for the audience, andsomething that they can associate the band to.Lyrical message
  3. 3. VideoThis image within my recreation video displays this message with the artistpointing upwards towards the sky, hinting that the „sky is the limit‟, thusconforming to the lyrical message. Also, there is constant repetition of clips withthe same purpose; to conform to this message!Clips such as those of the athlete in training, and of the constant referral andwatching of the plaque, represent the notion that you can succeed if you tryhard. These clips display the athlete working hard in training, and the plaque isa symbolism for the athletes goals and what he is inspiring to.
  4. 4. PosterThe notion of “You can be the greatest” that is shown in the lyrics, links to the„American Dream‟, in which anyone can go from „rags to riches‟ and achievegreatness. This is the message that the lyrics put across, and so was thereasoning behind my album name being; “From rags to riches”. This creates alink between the lyrics and my album. The reason for my poster is to promotethe album and the band, and so, as you can see, it displays the names of both. Inhighlighting “From rags to riches” within the poster, it again conveys the „sky isthe limit‟ notion, in the sense that it displays a stride towards greatness that theAmerican Dream stands for.
  5. 5. DigipakWithin my digipak, the „sky is the limit‟ notion within the lyrical message isobvious to see, with the back cover being of the sun behind the clouds. The use ofthis image makes it clear to the viewer that the sun is a symbol for the lyricalmessage within „Hall of Fame‟. This image again creates a link with both myposter and music video, as it further enhances the message of the song, andcreates a similarity that the audience can clearly see is being displayedthroughout all of my work.
  6. 6.  Claude Levi-Strauss‟ „Binary oppositions‟ theory canbe seen throughout my products, with the use of the„Dark vs. Light‟ concept. Strauss‟ theory, when related to media, is that formsof media display oppositions as a representative ofgood and evil. With this, I made sure this theory was usedthroughout my products, to enhance the idea thatthe athlete in the video has achieved greatness andsuccess.Binary oppositions
  7. 7.  Most evident in the video, is the „Dark vs. Light‟concept, which I used in my products to display thedifference between failure and success.„Dark vs. Light‟Within my video you can see a clear distinction between the dark shot andthe light shot. I used this to display how the first part of the race is dark andthe athlete loses, whereas, the change from dark to light represents thechange from loser to winner, as he then goes on to win the second race.
  8. 8.  This is also shown in my digipak and poster works:„Dark vs. Light‟Within the poster, you can see that thecontrast between the white writing andthe darker background clearly standsout. This works well with the binaryopposition theory, as the white writingis the important feature of the poster asit is the details of the band andalbum, and so its light coloringrepresents its significance.The digipak further enhances myuse of „Dark vs. Light‟, as the sun(light) is the dominant value withinthe picture. In doing this, I tried todisplay the message of the songthrough the digipak picture, withthe notion of „the sky is the limit‟represented by the sun.
  9. 9.  The main reason behind my creation of the poster anddigipak is to help promote my music video, and so withthis in mind, these tasks have been used effectively withmy main product (the video). The two ancillary tasks both include the names of theband and the song, and so if viewed, the viewer willrecognise the names and be attracted towards my video. The constant referral to the names through my ancillarytasks is to help promote my product and raise itsprofile, which it effectively does so, as they takeadvantage by the use of names and repetitive themes thatare evident in my video, such as the songs message andcolour schemes.Poster and digipak
  10. 10.  The „star‟ of our band, AKA. Ben, is evident in allthree of my products. The „star image‟ means to help promote theband/artist by displaying themselves on theirproducts, something which I have done:„Star image‟
  11. 11.  As Ben in the main character in the video, he is shownfrequently throughout, with clips involving him as boththe runner and the artist. To link this with my other two products I made sure thatBen was a dominant point of both products. In the digipak there is a panel devoted to him, with apicture of him taking up one of the six panels. In the poster, Ben is clear to see as a picture along withthe piano. In using Ben as a main point in my products, I help createa relationship between the artist and the viewer, and soraise the profile and popularity of the band and my video.„Star image‟
  12. 12.  Within my main product there are many clips of theartist on the piano, and so with this is mind, I madethis a vocal point in my two ancillary tasks.Piano
  13. 13.  In using the piano as a recurring image, I created arecognisable theme for the products. By highlighting this image through all three of myproducts I created a image that the audience willassociate with my band and the video, thusdeveloping a relationship between the piano and theband. Because of the use of my ancillary tasks, I have beenable to promote my video through them, and socombining the three together has created an effectiveplatform for the promotion of the band.Piano