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Appleby street 3


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Published in: Spiritual, Sports
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Appleby street 3

  1. 1. Final script
  2. 2.  Ben: “Hurry up were gonna be late!” (Aimee walks towards Ben meeting him at the lamppost) Ben: ”Alright?” Quietly, Aimee: “lets go” “what way do you want to go?”
  3. 3.  Walk down the road, discussing something Sound of a thunder roll when the „Time lapse‟ shot appears
  4. 4.  Ben: “Aimee, we should have really brought a torch” Aimee: “You‟re never going to believe this Ben…” Ben: “What?” Aimee; “There‟s actually a torch right there” (points) Ben: “Oh yeah!”
  5. 5.  Ben: “Why do you think it was on?” Aimee: “maybe because of that old story” “What story?!” “have you not heard about the man in the mask? Kills teenagers for fun?” “You‟re kidding me?!” (out of alleyway) Ben: ”Thank god we‟re finally finished!” “There‟s another one yet” Ben: “Arrrr you‟re kidding me?!”
  6. 6.  Ben: “Can‟t we go that way?” (points) “But Ben, that way‟s half an hour longer and we‟re already late” “Arrr”
  7. 7.  Music playing, a song from the piano called “beautiful melody” Walking through a gate and through the fields, Aimee‟s phone rings, she answers: “hello” Ben gives Aimee the torch and walks on Aimee hears a scream, “What was that?” Aimee jogs saying: “Ben! Ben!” Discovers Ben: “Oh my God Ben! Are you okay? Ben?!” She runs away and reaches a tree. She is confronted by the killer.