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Php storm intro


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Published in: Technology
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Php storm intro

  1. 1. PHPStorm 2.0 IDE overview A Jetbrains product
  2. 2. Alternatives• Netbeans• Zend IDE (5.5 or 8.0)• Aptana• Notepad/VIM
  3. 3. Disadvantages• Autosave ?• Remote management via sync• Interface/Settings complexity• No community plugins• .idea folder
  4. 4. Standard?• Background project import• SVN + diff integration• Bookmarks Ctrl+Shift+1• Unit testing
  5. 5. Advantages• Fast file search — Ctrl+Shift+N• Refactoring• External lib include (core+cms namespace)• Built-in local version history• Smarty .tpl support
  6. 6. Unit testing• Install local php• PEAR from command line – call go.php• PHPUnit from command line pear channel-discover pear install phpunit/PHPUnit• Set include path in php.ini and refresh PHPStorm• Generate test case
  7. 7. Unit test example
  8. 8. Unit tests for• Small logical independent parts• No DB• No Multiclass calls