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Lean Metrics Riga


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How do you know your software project is doing the right thing? Lean metrics for keeping the course, based on a lean software vision canvas. Presented in Agile Day Riga, May 25 2016.

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Lean Metrics Riga

  1. 1. Lean Metrics Measuring and Driving Change Agile Day Riga · Karoliina Luoto · 24 May 2016
  2. 2. Karoliina Luoto and Codento Agile Lean Coach and Consultant Focus: lean and agile customer work Before: product owner, collaboration strategist, communications specialist Change agent’s right hand Leanifying software development
  3. 3. Metrics is good to have So you won’t build wrong things • Photo: Tara Chill, Flickr
  4. 4. Think of your own project: Do you have metrics to keep direction? What are they like?
  5. 5. Just take some canvas And use client gut feeling, right? Photo: scarlatti2004, Flickr
  6. 6. But what if They don’t see the world right? Photo: NATS Press Office, Flickr
  7. 7. You can Help them see Photo: Thomas Hawk, Flickr
  8. 8. Do real if yet light research on real users Summarize into user personasPhoto: Jason Kuffer, Flickr
  9. 9. You can make it real By forming a user panel Photo: Matthias Ripp, Flickr
  10. 10. The solution can be valuated by Asking users Based on Kano model by Nokriaki Kano : ( : ) p1 pn What does user want Why
  11. 11. Photo: SanFranAnnie, Flickr When you have a solution, Prototype and ask the user again
  12. 12. Test the proto Metric tool: Net Promoter Score Metric: How likely you would recommend the product to a friend? (0 no way – 10 most certainly)
  13. 13. Make this more accurate By user value poker Photo: Play Among Friends Paf, Flickr
  14. 14. Like planning poker but Users playing for value Play for epics or rough features Play for one feature at a time Ask users to think how valuable the feature is to them and then show their cards at the same time
  15. 15. Now you have a basis for Value tracking Can be added to any task management tool – just simply as text Or can be drawn as value burnup chart
  16. 16. Value Burnup = How much user value gets done? Amountofvalue Cadences 87654321 160 120 80 40 Now at Prognosis Whole backlog
  17. 17. So how do we know if The direction is right? Photo: Chris Turner Photography, Flickr
  18. 18. Business metrics: New business made Satisfying new customer needs should create new business Metric: How are the numbers with the new business? Purchases made, downloads, contact requests?
  19. 19. Metric (again): How likely you would recommend the product to a friend? (0 no way – 10 most certainly) Business metrics: Customer satisfaction Sometime the thing is just to make the customers happier
  20. 20. Or, the business metrics could be better lead times – for customers or internally Business metrics: Lead times Task Before After Starting a new account 5 screens, 25 mins, 6 errors 1 screen, 11 mins, 1,6 errors Sending a new invoice 26 min 2 min 40 sec
  21. 21. Ok. What do you want to change about your project metrics?
  22. 22. Just remember To also keep your eyes open Picture from ”Antifragile” by N.N.Taleb
  23. 23. Thank you! Canvas download: Karoliina Luoto · @codento · @totoroki