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A presentation of Totara LMS. Try the site in a number of user roles at or view some guest courses at

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  • Totara is a Moodle distribution focused on corporate learning, the features of which are built upon the best practices learned from the needs of other organizations.
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  • Totara Overview

    1. 1. Today’s agenda Background to Totara Demo key features Example screenshots of customised interfaces Subscriptions Hosting and support options Questions
    2. 2. Totara LMS is a distribution of Moodle, the leading open source LMS, with a focus on the corporate sector. Totara is a joint venture of Catalyst IT and Kineo
    3. 3. Moodle • Open Source LMS • Robust • Scalable • Customisable • Easy to use “Moodle™ is ranked as the #1 LMS product among eLearning Guild members with over 24% of respondents selecting it as their primary LMS.” 2010 survey
    4. 4. • Moodle designed for the Education sector • The corporate sector has different needs: •Managing a wide range of learning •Learning depends on roles, business unit, function, etc •On-going development with individual learning plans •Supervisor / Manager roles •Regional Manager / Regional Trainer roles •Managing both classroom and online learning •Site wide reporting and compliance reporting
    5. 5. Totara is a custom distribution of Moodle with enhancements to meet those needs of the corporate sector
    6. 6. Team Management Program Management Totara Sync Performance Management Open Badges Audience Management Enterprise Reporting Dashboard (Learners & Managers) Competencies & Organizational Roles Individual Learning Plan F-2-F Training Support Course Management Integration w/ other systems Calendar Content Management User Management Messaging & Notifications Social Learning Repositories Learning Activities & Types
    7. 7. • Moodle is at the heart of Totara • Totara stays in lock step with Moodle • You can upgrade from Moodle to Totara • Totara contributes innovations back to Moodle
    8. 8. Implementation by:
    9. 9. Implementation by:
    10. 10. Implementation by:
    11. 11. Click to view site >> Implementation by:
    12. 12. Implementation by:
    13. 13. Implementation by:
    14. 14. Let’s take a look Learner perspective Manager perspective Administrator perspective Let’s have a look…..
    15. 15. Totara Demo site with guest courses Totara Sandpit site to explore Totara using different roles
    16. 16. Subscriptions • Totara LMS is available by subscription • Code is 100% GPL • You can take, use and reuse the code • Annual subscriptions provide: • Product support, new releases and updates • Access to subscriber portal with forums and documentation • Priority consideration for new features
    17. 17. up to 500 users up to 3,000 users up to 10,000 users up to 50,000 users up to 250,000 users - $2,950 $4,950 $9,950 $20,000 $30,000
    18. 18. Hosting & Support Options • Do it yourself • Use a partner from our global Partner Program
    19. 19. In summary, Totara LMS: • Enables corporate organisations to quickly deploy an enterprise level learning management platform • Provides benefits of open source software • Provides easy to use functionality covering the learning needs of corporate enterprises • Has no licence fees and can reduce learning platform costs by up to 90%
    20. 20. Thank you Try Totara today at: Or