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Level up your cs strategy with customer marketing

From Customer Success Summit 2017 - Tiffany Beddow, Sr. Customer Marketing Manager at ON24, discusses "Level Up Your CS Strategy with Customer Marketing"

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Level up your cs strategy with customer marketing

  1. 1. PRODUCED BY Level Up Your Customer Success Strategy With Customer Marketing
  2. 2. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Hi, I’m Tiffany •  Sr. Customer Marketing Manager at ON24 •  My journey so far: •  Sales à •  Field Events à •  Customer Marketing •  My passion: Customer Marketing!
  3. 3. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Customer Marketing at ON24 •  Team of ONE! Report into Marketing, not Customer Success •  Responsible for customer reference and referral programs •  Manage all customer communications •  Responsible for creating all customer facing content •  Manage the customer advocacy program •  Impact retention by creating ON24 super fans! Customer Product Customer Marke0ng Customer Success Sales
  4. 4. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY The Common Goal Customer Success Customer Marke0ng RETENTION! Customer Success Customer Marke0ng RETENTION!
  5. 5. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY 3 Reasons You Should Partner With Customer Marketing 1.  Align with Customer Advocacy programs 2.  Amplify and scale CS efforts 3.  Shared insights into customer health
  6. 6. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Align to create super fans and reward them for their help!
  7. 7. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Customer Advocacy Program | Voice An engaging experience designed to help source customers for advocacy •  Built on the Influitive platform •  Took 1-3 months to set up •  Customer benefits: •  Community for customers to network and learn best practices •  Sneak peeks into what’s new with ON24 •  Gamified experience with rewards for different levels of participation
  8. 8. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Voice Program Results •  260+ customers joined •  150+ engaged in advocacy activities •  Customer referrals generated $1.3+ million in pipeline •  Reference calls •  Case Studies, Videos, Webinars •  Product feedback, Beta tests •  Speaking engagements
  9. 9. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Amplify and scale your Customer Success efforts SCALE WITH WEBINARS! •  Traditional methods of connecting with customer not scalable or effective •  Email - Basic metrics, know little about client •  1x1 calls – Effective, but time consuming •  Onsite Visits – Effective, but expensive
  10. 10. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Ask the ON24 Experts Webinar Series •  Monthly webinar series exclusively for ON24 customers •  CSMs are the experts •  ON24 product and webinar best practices •  Goals: •  Reach more customers •  Create affinity to ON24 brand •  Upsell new products •  Increase product usage
  11. 11. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Ask the ON24 Experts Webinar Series - Results •  627 customers attended at least one webinar •  High webinar engagement - 4.7 •  Industry average – 4.0
  12. 12. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Level Up: Target Webinars To Major Accounts With 30+ end users, CSMs struggled to spend 0me with each individual
  13. 13. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Targeted Webinars To Major Accounts: Results Results of IHS Pilot: •  21 attendees •  Half of attendees had a positive engagement outcome •  Upsell opportunities: 4 •  User conference interest: 3 •  Interest in co-presentation opportunities: 3
  14. 14. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Shared insights into customer health •  New at ON24: Shared platform between Customer Success and Customer Marketing •  Provides account insights like customer health, recent touchpoints, and power users •  Tracks recent activities visible to both teams
  15. 15. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Tracking of additional customer Touchpoints
  16. 16. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Customer Success + Customer Marketing •  Do you have a point person in marketing? Or customer marketing? •  Start the conversation! We love new ideas and value your expertise. •  Collaboration is the key to driving customer retention
  18. 18. PRODUCED BY Q&A