Killing Churn with Totango and Salesforce


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Learn how Jazz Recruiting integrates Totango & Salesforce to predict and reduce churn. Kristen Hayer, former VP of Customer Success at Jazz, shares how they leverage Totango's powerful customer insights and product engagement data within Salesforce to drive their customer success efforts.

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  • Introduce last year’s dreamforce and what we did with where we are today. Talk about webinar with Kristen from last year. The powerful integration between Totango and SFDC.
  • Let me start by introducing you to Totango.

    Totango is the leader in customer success management for online subscription services.
    We help companies like yours take a data-driven approach to reducing churn and driving customer acquisition, onboarding, renewals and upsells.  
    How do we do this? By monitoring customer behavior and usage in applications -- along with other critical relationship data -- to generate insights on customer health and engagement
    In a nutshell, we tell you which customers needs your attention and why and then give you a way to do something about it.

    Come talk to either Bill, Dustin or myself if you want to learn more. If you are a Totango customer, please come by after to say hello as well – always love talking with customers!

  • Here’s a small list of our awesome customers including swipely and insightsquared.
  • How many of you here today are in the process of buying a customer success technology platform? Well, if you are, you have to download this guide
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  • Anaal to ask: you’re no longer with Jazz - what are you doing now?
  • Killing Churn with Totango and Salesforce

    2. 2. 200+ CUSTOMERS
    3. 3. Download the definitive guide to buying a CSP
    4. 4. Killing Churn with Totango and Salesforce September 2015 Presented by Kristen Hayer VP, Customer Success
    5. 5. Jazz is software that bridges the gap between recruiting and performance to create a whole new thing. From startups to enterprise, Jazz builds winning companies. We helped over 4000 companies across the world make more than 100,000 hires.
    6. 6. #startupproblems2013 People • Customer Success = Technical Support Only • Demoralized Team, Not Truly Helping Customers Processes • 90% of Customers on Month-to-Month Subscriptions • No Formal Cancellation Process Tools • No Single Source of Truth for Customer Information • No Customer Intelligence Solution = High Churn + No Idea Why or How to Fix It
    7. 7. Data Cleanup Salesforc e Jazz App Billing Tickets Phones Email Totang o Website Salesforce Jazz App Billing Forum ChatEmail Website Totango Phones BEFORE – Missing Data, Disconnected Tools, Inefficient User Experience, No Real-Time Data AFTER – Single Source of Truth, One Entry Point for Success Users, Expanded Tool Set, Real-Time
    8. 8. Deep Churn Analysis Major Churn Drivers Market Issues • Changing Needs • Demographics Competitors • Messaging • Commodity Pricing Internal Teams • New Teams • Training Needs Strategy • Pricing and Packaging • Marketing Product • Needed Updates • Release Communication Focused on what we could measure and control: • Demographics of our target customers • Product use • Packages and customer agreements • Training our sales and success teams
    9. 9. Totango Implementation • Jazz needed more data on how customers were using the product • Totango had not been fully implemented, so the success team took on that project • We had 2 goals: 1. Gather intelligence on customer behavior leading to churn. 2. Provide customer behavior insight to our CSM team.
    10. 10. Implementation – Salesforce Integration Salesforce Account: • First point of access for Success team • Quick health check • Drill-down to more details within Salesforce
    11. 11. Implementation – The Totango App Totango App: • More details on health • Specifics on usage • Helps reps pinpoint potential issues with individual clients • Mobile version for quick updates on status changes
    12. 12. Implementation – Salesforce Reporting Salesforce Reporting: • Additional insight into daily activities • More detailed churn analysis • Helps to pinpoint potential issues across the organization
    13. 13. Churn Risk Model # Users + # Jobs + Company Size + Age of Subscription + Industry + Agreement Type + Totango Health Score = Churn Risk Score For Jazz, the Totango Health Score represents healthy onboarding as well as healthy ongoing product use. We configured Salesforce so that a customer’s Jazz churn risk score is shown on the Account object. We also use the score in reporting.
    14. 14. Results #killchurn • 33% reduction in overall churn - 50% reduction within target customer group • Improved customer satisfaction and engagement – better communication, proactive care • Success team job satisfaction – creative input, building relationships • Improved churn dynamics – predictable, preventable
    15. 15. The Success League is a consulting firm that helps SaaS companies build and develop strong customer success teams. • Business Planning, Metrics & Goals • Customer Engagement Assessment • Process Design • Training & Coaching Members of The Success League are professionals from various companies who drive innovation in customer success. Weekly blog posts on website & LinkedIn @TSLCustomers
    16. 16. Q&A
    17. 17. THANK YOU! @Totango @KristenHayer #DF15 #CustomerSuccess