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Escalation: Accelerate Customer Resolution Time and Increase Customer Satisfaction


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In this webinar, Ravit Danino, VP of Product Management at Totango, gives an in-depth look at a groundbreaking, modular, concept in Customer Success. In our first ever mini-series SuccessBLOCs: Onboarding, Escalation, and Adoption, the second installment Escalation, you'll learn:

-Detecting, acting on and resolving customer escalations are a part of the Customer Success journey

-How Spark can help you dramatically improve the customer experience and reduce friction and frustration along the way

Find the on-demand webinar and more info at

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Escalation: Accelerate Customer Resolution Time and Increase Customer Satisfaction

  1. 1. Onboarding Escalation SuccessBLOC Ravit Danino | VP Products |
  2. 2. Agenda ● Spark ● Escalation Best Practices ● Escalation SuccessBLOC
  3. 3. Accelerating The Customer Centered Economy In a digital world where the customer is in the driver seat, we enable companies to center around their customers and drive Customer Centered Growth. Totango Mission
  5. 5. © 2018 TOTANGO. CONFIDENTIAL. Escalation
  6. 6. © 2018 TOTANGO. CONFIDENTIAL. Escalations (Manager’s Perspective) I would like to ensure that as a team we consistently resolve escalations and use the opportunity to grow the relationship with the customers. I measure success in handling escalation by: 1. Minimize the number of new escalations 2. Resolve open escalation in less than 30 days 3. Ensure customer trust during and post escalation
  7. 7. All Rights Reserved Content Proprietary of Totango