Customer Success Applied Outside the Box


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Customer Success Play by Alex Brower, VP Operations at Crittercism at the 2014 Customer Success Summit.

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Customer Success Applied Outside the Box

  1. 1. 3/24/14 Confidential 1 2014 Customer Success Summit Alex Brower VP Operations, Crittercism Customer Success Applied Outside the Box
  2. 2. •  Monitor and ensure mobile app performance •  Enable enterprises to deliver faster, better, and smarter mobile apps Our Advantage •  Complete Mobile Monitoring •  Mobile First •  Mobile Scale (1B app users) Customers Who Trust UsWhat We Do
  3. 3. Rewind to Fall 2012 -  Started October 2012 to run Finance + Operations -  Great product traction (fire hose of Freemium signups) -  Early throes of licensing / pricing -  First focus = measure the business and help scale it (focus on the SaaS metrics you all know) -  Quickly realized p0 needs: -  enable sales / marketing with understanding of how our product is used and by whom -  for our product and engineering teams to keep on shipping!
  4. 4. 0. Don’t let sales + marketing fly blind -  Implemented Customer Success solution (Totango) Jan 2013 -  Primary implementation goal / play #0: 1.  Track usage (and non-usage) of paid features during trial 2.  Put users on automated email drip campaigns that enabled them with usage tips aimed to +stickiness 3.  Correlate behavior with deal value, tie back to lead source, inform demand gen efforts
  5. 5. Play #1: Don’t let assumptions or anecdotes about feature usage be a distraction – measure it. 1. Measure it: “Search by User” (Product)
  6. 6. 1. Measure it: “Search by User” (Product) -  Search by User feature enables our customers to be proactive about app performance issues -  “It’s hard to find” -  Customer success analytics indicated people were finding it and it was massively popular
  7. 7. 2. Package your product with customer behavior insights (Marketing) Play #2: If your marketing team is working on changes to how your product is packaged, make sure the work is informed by actual, measurable customer behavior.
  8. 8. -  Most companies struggle to get product packaging “right” -  Don’t expect you’ll get it exactly “right” for every customer -  Hold yourself to a standard of intelligent iteration and use the right tools to get there 2. Package your product with customer behavior insights (Marketing)
  9. 9. 3. Your success = theirs Play #3: Don’t be afraid to use customer success tools to get what you want out of customers. Your success = theirs.
  10. 10. 3. Your success = theirs Use Totango for A/R Collections? If it works.
  11. 11. Contact Info: Alex Brower Run better, faster, and smarter mobile apps with Crittercism. V1   V2   V3