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Building B2B Minimum Viable Products (MVP)


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Slides from Lean Startup Israel meeting - Lessons learned from building MVP (min. viable product) for validating product roadmap and features in a B2B environment. by Oren Raboy

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Building B2B Minimum Viable Products (MVP)

  1. MVP<br />@orenraboy<br /><br />
  2. Minimum<br />Viable <br />Product<br />@orenraboy<br /><br />
  3. You don’t know what you need to build<br />1<br />Only customers can teach you<br />2<br />Find out before running out of cash<br />3<br />@orenraboy<br /><br />
  4. Maximum Learning<br />Minimum<br />Cost<br />
  5. Presentation<br />Post<br />Landing Page<br />Mockup<br />Demo<br />Working Code<br />
  6. Not as Simple as it Sounds!<br />1. Deciding what to validate<br />2. Overestimating minimal<br />
  7. in MVP-Land:<br />1<br />Month to first working version<br />20<br />Early feedback customers<br />2<br />Releases a week<br />What have we learned?<br />
  8. Solution<br />Value<br />Problem<br />
  9. Lesson I <br />MVP is a process <br />
  10. Lesson II<br />Focus on what you <br />want to validate<br />
  11. Lesson III <br />Measure!<br />
  12. Lesson IV <br />MVP is no excuse for poor design<br />
  13. RECAP<br />Learn fast, learn often<br />It’s harder than it looks, but gets easier with practice<br />it’s a process not a milestone<br />MVP isn’t a hack – Design It:<br />What do you want to validate?<br /> How will you measure it?<br />
  14. Thanks<br />@orenraboy<br /><br />