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Customer Success is Your Success: 5 Ways to Boost Retention


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The SaaS model has turned business on its head. Revenue from existing customers, through renewals and upsells, is the key to growth. Watch this webinar to learn 5 strategies that companies like Optimizely, Zendesk and Autodesk use to increase retention and revenue with customer success software.

For more examples, insights & tips, watch the on-demand recording of the event:

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Customer Success is Your Success: 5 Ways to Boost Retention

  1. 1. Customer Success is Your Success: 5 Ways to Boost Retention Guy Nirpaz | CEO & Co-Founder | Totango
  2. 2. Retention in the Subscription Economy
  3. 3. #1 Manage your customer's journey (not the renewal event)
  4. 4. In the early days of SaaS, most companies’ sales and renewal structures looked something like this: Salesperson closes a customer Account manager onboards the customer Renewal sales rep attempts to retain…the customer before the customer’s contract expires. The old model
  5. 5. What does your company do in between? Acquisition Renewal
  6. 6. The role of customer success
  8. 8. #2 Improve product engagement (across all users)
  9. 9. 90% of churn is preceded by poor product usage
  10. 10.  Product engagement varies across job levels (frontline, management, execs)  Creating passionate users is key to preventing churn  Best-in-class companies focus on creating value for every user Increase product usage at all levels
  11. 11. Define your Power Users
  12. 12. Define your Power Users
  13. 13. More power users = customer advocacy
  14. 14. #3 Create a health score you can finally trust
  15. 15. Net Promoter Scores don’t give an accurate picture of customer happiness Forrester analyst Richard Evensen NPS is being positioned as a cure to all business ills and a way to understand everything you need to know about your customers . . . with just one question. It feels like selling snake oil and is likely one of the drivers for the view that researchers hate this metric.
  16. 16. Monitor each customer’s individualized health score  Based on facts, not opinions and anecdotes  Predictive  Adaptive Accurately gauge your customers’ happiness
  17. 17. User Engagement Usage Frequency Time Online Active Users Adding comments Viewing reports … Business Outcomes Campaigns Launched Emails Sent Lead Database Size Landing Pages Created Responses Collected Service Utilization % Seats Active Modules in Use Quota Consumed … Operational Status Support Tickets Outstanding Invoices Executive Sponsorship Training CUSTOMER ACTIONS: THE PRIMARY VITAL SIGNS OF CUSTOMER HEALTH What should a “true” health score include?
  18. 18. Create multiple health profiles - By customer segment - By customer journey stage Define which accounts fit each profile Totango will automatically adapt the right scorecard for each customer
  19. 19. Define scorecard using any metric: - Engagement Level of use of application - Utilization % of license in use - Usage rates & milestones Reaching expected value - Support, Relationship, Billing, anything else!
  20. 20. #4 Engage with customers – in a smart, relevant way
  21. 21. Smart customer interactions pay off 81% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience
  22. 22.  You proactively engage  You contact them at the right moment  You send intelligent messages that align with the customer’s current needs  You deliver reliable, consistent experiences What is smart customer engagement?
  23. 23. Rethink customer engagement We pursue continual transformation (in customer engagement) to stay ahead… and catch up.
  24. 24. #5 Empower all customer-facing teams with the right data
  25. 25. Research by Aberdeen Group shows that companies which built a centralized customer intelligence database and incorporated customer insights into customer facing actions achieved:
  26. 26. Sales • Initial sale • Renewals • Upsells Customer Success • Onboarding • Adoption • Customer engagement • Renewal and upsell Finance & Operations • Contracts • Entitlements • Revenue management Marketing • Customer acquisition • Customer marketing • Customer advocacy Products • Product experience • Product intelligence Service • Customer service • Technical support The siloed approach to customer data Your App
  27. 27. The integrated customer success approach – access to the right data in every team Sales Customer Success Finance & Operations MarketingProducts Service Applications Connectors Real Time Usage Streams Business Connectors Demographics, Contracts, Billing, Tickets app usage, saas interaction, social media, online behavior Customer Intelligence Database CRM, helpdesk, contracts, billing Your App
  28. 28. Make “customer success” a part of every team
  29. 29. About Totango
  30. 30. Leader in Customer Success for SaaS and subscription businesses 2 million accounts | 20 million users
  31. 31. The complete answer for Customer Success Customer Success Solution Methodology and Best Practices Data Science  Customer journey mapping  Customer segmentation  Customer Success execution models  Customer Success plays  Machine learning  Buy and churn signal analysis  Data science service  Customer monitoring  Predictive health modeling  Customer engagement and health scoring  CSM action framework
  32. 32. Q&A
  33. 33. Learn More @Totango
  34. 34. Thank You