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A Product Person's View of Customer Success


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From Customer Success Summit 2017 - Sam Boonin, VP Product Strategy at Zendesk discusses, "Customer First: A Product Person's View".

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A Product Person's View of Customer Success

  1. 1. A Product Person’s View of Customer Success Sam Boonin @samboonin |
  2. 2. Zendesk by the Numbers
  3. 3. Trust Evangelism Loyalty Transparency Empowerment Responsiveness Any customer service interaction is 4x more likely to drive disloyalty, than loyalty.
  4. 4. “Customer Success” @ Zendesk
  5. 5. Quick history of pricing/packaging at Zendesk 7
  6. 6. Visitors Trials CCs # visitors (xxx,xxx / mo) conversion rate (x.x%) # trials (x,000 / mo) conversion rate (x0%) # credit cards (xxx customers) 2009 LEADS WINS Simpler Times 2007-2010 = Simpler Times
  7. 7. 2009 Simpler Times 2011-2014 = Scale Through Sales & Success LTV:CAC
  8. 8. 2009 Simpler Times 2011-2014 = Scale Through Sales & Success
  9. 9. 2009 Simpler Times 2015-Today = many funnels, many paths Trials CCs Demos Events Manual outbound Trials Invoices SDRs CCs/Paypal MQLs SQLsJunk old QLs Black hole Things got complicated Cross sell NurtureUse cases LanguageProducts ExpansionFreemium resellers Success Other field mktg
  10. 10. What did Product think about all of this?
  11. 11. Rebuilt Trial UX
  12. 12. Focused on Onboarding
  13. 13. Education via In Product Messaging
  14. 14. Managed Product Data Explosion
  15. 15. Drove Product Data Warehouse Self-Service
  16. 16. Web Try Buy Funnel impressions conversion to trials conversion to customer Expansions Maybe all Zendesk’s features and products are just a series of funnels within funnels
  17. 17. Feature Funnels
  18. 18. So where are we today?
  19. 19. Personalization at Scale
  20. 20. Different users have slightly different needs VS
  21. 21. Product Discovery
  22. 22. User’s “job to be done” informs the tools for the job
  23. 23. Product can do more marketing than Marketing
  24. 24. Understanding and Optimizing Journeys After Initial Signup Professional Enterprise Basic Advanced More X-sell & Upsell
  25. 25. Expansion Loop - Features & New products 1 23 4 TRIGGER Based on usage & demographic data, we build rules to automatically trigger a marketing message and a prospect list. CAMPAIGN Run the campaign - customer are notified about a feature or product they should be using via Connect IPM, email, remarketing ads, etc. ACTION The user tries the new feature or product and a certain percentage will see the value on their daily use of Zendesk. CONVERSION The user adopts the feature or product as part of their workflow, leading to more stickiness, and openness to using other new features and products in the future.
  26. 26. Run customer journey loops until they need a bigger bag (or plan, or product…) 1 23 4 1 23 4 1 23 4 1 23 4 Pro Plan User Enterprise plan
  27. 27. What I wish I knew in 2011...
  28. 28. Lessons Learned 1.  Sales/Success vs. complements Product 2. Get great at what you are already good at 3. Every experiment becomes legacy if you’re not careful 4. Segments are good - too many are really bad 5. Missions matter
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