What's new in Synergy 4.8.5 - Cloud Services


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Synergy Cloud Services provides access to your timesheets, projects and contacts online from any computer, tablet or smartphone with a web browser. You can also access services like support, your account information and disaster recovery.

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What's new in Synergy 4.8.5 - Cloud Services

  1. 1. What’s NewSynergy 4.8.5 ReleaseSynergy Cloud Services and minor changes in 4.8.5
  2. 2. SynergyCloudServicesAccounts SupportApp**Synergy Enterprise clients only.• Timesheet andexpense entry*• Projects look-up*• Contacts look-up*• Disaster recovery*• Pay outstandinginvoices• Change invoicefrequency• Choose accountmanagers• Select support staff• Watch trainingvideos• Download files• Log a call in thehelpdeskSynergy CloudServicesMinor ChangesSynergy Cloud ServicesWhat is it?
  3. 3. Synergy Cloud ServicesWhat’s New1. Helpdesk has been moved – now in the Support area.2. The FTP site has been replaced – use the Downloads page withinSupport.3. Watch training videos on how to use Synergy within Support.4. Pay a Synergy invoice, or change the billing frequency in the newAccounts area.5. Nominate who has access to Support or Accounts.• Update who will be your Account Managers (x2).• Choose your Support Access staff (x3).• Account Managers have access to both Support andAccounts.Synergy CloudServicesMinor Changes
  4. 4. Synergy Cloud ServicesHow do I get it?Support and Accounts• Available to all Synergy clients.• The Account Manager can add up to 3 support staff users.• Account Managers are normally the people listed on the Synergycontract.• More users have access if you have signed up for the SynergyCloud Services Application.App• Available to Enterprise clients.• A one-time setup fee applies of $500.• Contact the Synergy Support Team to sign-up for the App.Synergy CloudServicesMinor Changes
  5. 5. Minor Changes in 4.8.5Support added for these Microsoft products.Synergy CloudServicesMinor Changes
  6. 6. Minor Changes in 4.8.5Budget Templates (Composite Rates)• Function has been renamed.• Define the budget items and drawings.• Copy budget items into the Project Budget.• Copy drawings into the Project Drawing Register.Synergy CloudServicesMinor Changes
  7. 7. Minor Changes in 4.8.5Resource ManagementCopy Budget Templates• Work breakdown tab has a Copy button.• Use Copy to import the budget from Budget Templates.• Use a different budget template for each sub project.• Factor the budgets up, to auto update the copied rows.Synergy CloudServicesMinor Changes
  8. 8. Minor Changes in 4.8.5Resource ManagementCapacity Report Graph• New style of graph in the Project level and Company wide capacityboards.• Compare the Allocated hours against the Capacity.• Capacity is configured using Office and Staff calendars.Synergy CloudServicesMinor Changes
  9. 9. Minor Changes in 4.8.5Resource ManagementPlanning Board Appointments• Capacity can be calculated on the office working hours or plannedboard appointment hours.• Uncheck the tick box in the open appointment and the plannedtime is shown as the scheduled duration.• The appointment will either show as 8 hours scheduled time (fromoffice working hours), or 10 hours from the appointment planningtime.Synergy CloudServicesMinor Changes
  10. 10. Minor Changes in 4.8.5Resource ManagementColour Sub Project Templates.• Assign a colour to each template.• Sub Project and Budget Items will be auto coloured when a subproject is added using the template.Synergy CloudServicesMinor Changes
  11. 11. Minor Changes in 4.8.5Document Templates Grouping• Add grouping rows to MS Word document templates.• Add two levels of grouping within selected data tables.• Add a border to the row to make it stand out.• Example below will group the Drawings on a Transmittal, withgrouping by Sub Project then Document Type.Synergy CloudServicesMinor Changes
  12. 12. Questions?Call the Synergy Support Teamon +61 2 8197 9000Click here to find out more about Synergy Cloud Serviceshttp://www.totalsynergy.com.au/features/web-mobile