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Hip hop

  1. 1. Underground Revolution To Mainstream Phenomenon
  2. 2.  When the uninitiated hear the name Tupac Shakur, they think of a trouble maker gangsta’ rap star. Most don’t calculate the reason Tupac turned up this way. His earlier works are filled with the philosophy and attitude of the Black Panther and Street Soldier mentality.  The Same Theory Holds True for Hip Hop…
  3. 3.  Rap is something you do, but Hip Hop is something you live. – KRS-One, Hip Hop Pioneer  Hip hop was created in the ghetto’s, in places that were considered urban War Zones, Poor communities with little or no help from politicians. -Kevin Powell, Hip Hop Historian
  4. 4.  The culture and the energy that came from Hip Hop was an energy that young folks through dance, rapping, beat boxing, and DJ-ing, took hold of in response to systematic violence, racism and unfair social obstacles in their communities in order to give people not only something to bob their head to, but also an avenue to express themselves and deliver a positive message to their surroundings..
  5. 5.  Growing up in impoverished neighborhoods and ghettos, many black youth found their role models among peers.  In streets of NY the “in” thing was selling drugs, pimping, and going in and out of prison  Boys began to emulate the look and actions of thugs, gangsters and pimps.  Girls began dressing like whores and loose women.  Hip Hop culture glorified the street life and made it acceptable.
  6. 6. Included distinctive styles of:  Visual Art (Graffiti)  Dance (Break Dancing)  Music (Rapping, DJ, Beat Boxing,)  Dress (Street fashion)  Speech (Street language, knowledge, entrepreneurialism)
  7. 7. Began as an expression of African American “local identities”  Afrika Bambaata  Kool Herc  Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five  KRS-One  SugarHill Gang  Kurtis Blow  Eric B & Rakim  Kool Moe Dee
  8. 8.  Hip Hop has messages. Rap Music has commercials.  Hip Hop is more likely to have you tear down the department store while rap will inspire you to shop there.  Rap is about money, hoes and cars. Hip Hop is about how good you can rhyme, educating and empowerment.  Hip Hop doesn’t get air play. Rap does.
  9. 9.  Homicide is the Leading Cause of death in black males from age 15-34  Black Males are 14 times more likely to be homicide victims than any other racial group.  Though we’re all responsible for our own actions, a term called Invisible Knapsack suggests:  Certain races, genders, and cultures have privileges they don’t earn, but simply have...because of their race, gender, group etc.
  10. 10.  There is a whole lineage of black men wanting to deny their own frailty. In some ways, black men have to do that, like putting on a psychic armor-having to walk outside every day (into the real world). But the running inside joke is that everyone knows that is not always the case. (Everyone isn’t hard!) – Dr. Jelani Cobb, Spelman College
  11. 11.  Part of every man’s life is to want respect. Can’t be a punk/pushover, or people will run over you.  –Mos Def  We play that role from 7 years old when someone calls us a “sissy” or a “sucka”. Father’s punch their son in the chest telling them “nigga you got to be ready for this!  -Conrad Tiller, Hip Hop minister.  Hip Hop is very ego driven, and encourages you to assert yourself. As a black man in this society, you have to learn how to do that  –Talib Kweli  Society limits the range in which men can express their emotions. You have to have your game face on all the time. You can’t cry in front of your man.  -CEO, allhiphop.com, Chuck Creekmur
  12. 12.  Hollywood movies perpetuate the same type of volume. America is a very hyper-masculine culture, from sports, to video games, to the military. America is a hyper-agressive nation. It stands to reason that a rapper can be commercially viable in a nation that supports a culture of violence.  We live in a society where manhood is all about conquering and violence. –Conrad Tiller.  We have become desensitized to sexism, misogyny and the sexual objectification of women in hip hop culture.
  13. 13.  Money now controls hip-hop instead of the artists controlling it, and label execs have become more powerful in determining how an artist’s music will sound. This explains the increase in the number of independent labels because artists have discovered that they lose creative control over their music when they sign on with major labels.  Mainstream artists sacrifice artistic integrity for money and fame.
  14. 14.  For their authenticity, creativity and message  Common’s “I Used to Love Her” was chosen because of its message and authenticity  Lil Wayne’s “Dr. Carter” and Nas’s classic “Rewind” were also chosen as examples of true hip hop because of their creative lyrical content
  15. 15.  I might've failed to mention that the chick was creative But once the man got to her, he altered the native Told her if she got an image and a gimmick That she could make money, and she did it like a dummy Now I see her in commercials, she's universal She used to only swing it with the inner-city circle Now she be in the burbs lookin' rock and dressin' hip And on some dumb shit, when she comes to the city Talkin about poppin glocks, servin rocks, and hittin switches Now she's a gangsta rollin with gangsta bitches Always smokin blunts and gettin drunk Tellin me sad stories, now she only fucks with the funk Stressin how hardcore and real she is She was really the realest, before she got into show-biz I did her, not just to say that I did it But I'm committed, but so many niggaz hit it That she's just not the same lettin all these groupies do her I see niggaz slammin her, and takin her to the sewer But I'ma take her back hopin that the shit stop Cause who I'm talkin bout y'all is hip-hop
  16. 16. Respect is in the heart.,So that's where I'm gonna start. And a lot of heart patients don't make it. Now hey kids, Plural I graduated Cause you could get through anything if Magic made it! And that was called recycling, Or re-reciting Something cause you just like it So you say it just like it. Some say its biting, But i say its enlightening Besides, Dr. Kanye West is one of the brightest. And Dr. Swizz can stitch your track up the tightest. And Dr. Jeezy can fix your back up the nicest. Authritist in my hand from writing. But I'm a doctor they don't understand my writing. So i stop writing, Now I'm like lighting. And you ain't Vince Young so don't clash with the Titans. Fast and exciting, My Passion is Frighting. Now let me put some more Vocab in your I.V. Here take this Vicatin, Like it and love it And confidence has no budget so pay me no mind i don't walk like i talk it cause I'm running I don't do it cause i done it and I'm in the emergency punnet.
  17. 17.  Listen up gangstas and honeys with ya hair done, Pull up a chair hon' and put it in the air son Dog, whatever they call you, god, just listen, I spit a story backwards, it starts at the ending The bullet goes back in the gun, The bullet hole's closin this chest of a nigga, Now he back to square one Screamin, "Shoot don't please“, I put my fifth back on my hip, It's like a VCR rewindin a hit He put his hands back on his bitch, My caravan doors open up  I jumped back in the van and closed it shut, Goin reverse, slowly prepared My nigga Jungle utters out somethin crazy like, "Go he there" Sittin in back of this chair, we hittin the roach, The smoke goes back in the blunt, the blunt gets bigger in growth Jungle unrolls it, put his weed back in the jar, The blunt turns back into a cigar We listen to Stevie, it sounded like heavy metal fans, Spinnin records backwards of AC/DC I give my niggas dap, jump out the van back first, Back upstairs, took off the black shirt I'm in the crib with the phone to my ear, Listen up so y'all can figure out the poem real clear The voice on the phone was like, "Outside right we“, So with my mouth wide, holdin my heat Bullets I had plenty to squeeze, plenty for ya, 'Cause Jungle said, "Block your on enemies the" Hung up the phone, then the phone rang <phone ringing>, I'm laid in the bed thinkin 'bout this pretty young thing Who left, she came back, her clothes just fell to the rug, She fell to my bed and gave me a hug I told her, "No hell“, She talkin 'bout, "Me kiss" Bobbed her head then spit the nut back in my dick Started suckin with no hands, a whole lotta spit Then got up and put her bra back on her tits Got fully dressed and told me, "Stressed really I'm" Picked up her Gucci bag and left her nigga behind Walkin through the door, she rang the bell twice I vomited Vodka back in my glass with juice and ice The clock went back from three, to two, to one And that's about the time the story begun That's when I first heard the voicemail on the cell It said, "Son we found that nigga we gotta kill" [Message Beep] Ay yo son, ay yo son, you hear me, you hear me? Listen man, this dude right on the block, right now, man I found him, right now, I see him right now! Let's kill him) [Message Beep] "Yo, this Nas, leave it. Peace" 
  18. 18. Ye who has desire to read along with this song is probably contributing to the ultimate demise of Hip Hop…..
  19. 19.  Brandon Freeny  Jeff Napol  For more information on hip hop, beats or booking studio time at a recording studio  Contact Brandon Freeny at artiz.anonymous.info@gmail.com