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Ursula Burns by Kizzy Maitland


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Ursula Burns by Kizzy Maitland

  1. 1. Ursula M. Burns,Chairman and CEO, XeroxPrepared by Kizzy MaitlandMarch 28, 2013
  2. 2. Biographical Sketch1958Born in NYC1980BS, MechanicalEngineering NYU1981MS, MechanicalEngineering, ColumbiaJoined Xerox1999VP, GlobalManufacturing1991Executive Assistant toXerox CEO, PaulAllaire1990Executive Assistant toWayland Hicks2000Senior VP, CorporateStrategic Services2009CEO2010Chairman &CEO
  3. 3. Values-Driven Leadership“As Ive progressed in my career, Ive come to appreciate -- andreally value -- the other attributes that define a companyssuccess beyond the P&L: great leadership, long-term financialstrength, ethical business practices, evolving business strategies,sound governance, powerful brands, values-based decision-making.” - Ursula Burns, Chairman and CEO
  4. 4. Total Leadership Principles in Ursula’s Words• BE REAL, Act with Authenticity• Never be afraid to admit when you need help• BE WHOLE, Act with Integrity• Values-based decision-making is the only way• BE INNOVATIVE, Act with Creativity• If you don’t transform, you’re stuck
  5. 5. Four DomainsCOMMUNITYSupports organizationsthat align to her andXerox’s goals & valuesWORKFound an organizationthat accepted her forwho she wasFAMILYMade strategic decisionsabout who and when tomarry to ensureappropriate supportSELFBelieves in “checkingout” occasionally to putpersonal needs ahead ofcareer and family
  6. 6. Lessons Learned• It’s okay to be selfish sometimes• Don’t get caught up on titles• Don’t take life too seriously—have fun• All good leaders must take risks• It’s okay to be impatient with the status quo• Finding the right life partner is critical• Race and Gender matter, but they’re not all that matters
  7. 7. Questions…