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Richard Branson by Daniel Mason


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Published in: Education, Business
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Richard Branson by Daniel Mason

  1. 1. SIR RICHARD BRANSONThe Total Leadership Poster ChildBy Dan Mason
  2. 2. WHO IS RICHARD BRANSON?Early Life• Born in 1950 in London• Father a barrister, mother an“independent woman”• High school dropoutFirst Success• Started The Student Magazine• Sold discounted records• Opened first studio in 1972LaunchedEnglish business magnate, founderand Chairman of Virgin Group
  3. 3. IS THIS GUY FOR REAL?Major Accomplishments• Serial entrepreneur• Humanitarian• Author• Actor• Environmentalist• World Record holder• Father• HusbandMajor Setbacks• Dyslexic• Dropout• Jailbird“Just pick yourself up, dust yourselfoff and start all over again”
  4. 4. FOUR DOMAINSFamilySelfCommunityCareer
  5. 5. KEY TAKEAWAYSFive Guiding Principles1. If you dont enjoy it dont do it2. Be innovative — createsomething different3. Pride of association workswonders4. Lead by listening5. Be visible