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Jay Z by Neal Pancholi


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Career
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Jay Z by Neal Pancholi

  1. 1. Jay-ZThe integration and separation of domains, andthe process of experimentation, for successby Neal Pancholi
  2. 2. Who is Jay-ZThen• Shawn Carter, born 1969• Marcy Projects in Brooklyn• Youngest of 4 children; father left home at age 11• Sold marijuana, crack cocaine, bootleg CDs• Shot his older brother for stealing from him• Began rapping as an escape from povertyo Integrated his home, work, and community: he rapped about what he knew
  3. 3. Who is Jay-Z?Now• Husband and father• 50 million albums sold• Net worth ~$500M• Owner and CEO of Roc-a-fella records• Former CEO of Def Jam• Founder of Rocawear clothing line• Minority owner of the Brooklyn Nets
  4. 4. The 4 DomainsSelf Work• Constantly experimenting• Exercises daily at 5am• Personal time of 1 hour per day• Quickly recognizes whensomething is wrong and makeschanges• Workaholic• Work is an integration of his selfand interests: raps about whathe knows• All businesses are related to hispersonal interestsHome Community• Very private about personallife, does not share• Stated importance is family first• While he raps about hislife, keeps his family separatefrom his career• Equal marriage• Had friends at business partners• Integrates work andcommunity by rapping abouthis experiences• Devoted to Brooklyn
  5. 5. How does it workfor Jay-Z?Integration Separation• Work, personal, community and self throughmusic• His self interests are hiswork pursuits• Works with his familyand friends• Family is very private –no idea how hispersonal life is asidefrom what he tells theworld• Rarely works withwife, separate butequal careers• Removedcommunity/friendsfrom his business
  6. 6. Experimentation• Was business partners with community/friends forRoc-a-fella recordso Separated community and work in this regard because very differentvisions combined with friendship difficulty• Was CEO of Def Jamo Resigned after 1-year because he claimed to be unhappy and unhealthy• Retired on 2 different occasions from musico Returned to music both times because it made him happy• Starts lots of business to find out which he likes andwhich he does not
  7. 7. Key Takeaways• Try to integrate as many aspects of your self intoyour worko Integrate your friends and community too – it can make it more enjoyable• Experiment often and make changes quickly. Don’tbe afraid to admit failure• Find the right balance of integration and separation