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Jack Ma by Jenny Xu


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Jack Ma by Jenny Xu

  1. 1. Jack Ma – the face of Chinese scrappy entrepreneurship Jenny (Zhi) Xu
  2. 2. Who is Jack?
  3. 3. Road to success Success ? 49 2013 Born 1964 8 1972 20 1984 Cultural revolution: 66’-76’ Reform and Opening up eBay enters China 30 1994 Discovers English Entered college after 2 failed attempts Quit teaching to start translation business 1999 Founded Alibaba 94’99 2 failed startup attempts Acquired Yahoo China Amazon founded 40 2004
  4. 4. What is the significance of Alibaba? • A collection of disruptive companies • Creating jobs and supporting small businesses • 55MM registered B2B accounts • 10MM jobs (Taobao) • Innovation • Singles day: $5.7B in one day • Largest currency fund in China • Mobile taxi app • It all began with Chinese chivalry… • …to empower the young • …and have fun…
  5. 5. • Jack built a career around a vision that aligns with his core values • Learning and mentoring is a responsibility for leaders • Be humble, be grateful Lessons Learnt
  6. 6. Can entrepreneurs have it all? Family 5% Self 5% Community 30% Career 60% Career 30% Community 30% Family 20% Self 20%
  7. 7. Q&A “Wealth is not the goal… the goal is to create a truly Chinese founded company that the whole world can be proud of for its accomplishments.” “I’ve seen people make a fortune catching shrimps but never make a fortune catching sharks and whales.” “I have faith that the Chinese young generation will do better than us!” “There is trust and faith in China…it will make the whole world more open, more transparent, more sharing, more responsible” “We don’t need a rich father, we have persistence and a dream…” “I am very grateful and proud for my 14 years in business… but in terms of what we have done for the society, this is only the beginning…”