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Bill Gates by Rachel Waszkewitz


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Bill Gates by Rachel Waszkewitz

  1. 1. Bill Gates Biography “Of my mental cycles, I devote maybe only 10% to business thinking. “ - Gates Rachel Waszkewitz1
  2. 2. Biography  1955: Born to middle class family in Seattle  1967: Falls in love with computers; meets Paul Allen  1973: Enters Harvard University  1976: Microsoft begins & Gates soon leaves Harvard (for 2nd time)  1987: Becomes youngest billionaire ever (age 31)  1994: Weds Melinda French  1995: Becomes richest man in the world ($12.9B)  1997: Launches Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation  2000: Steps down as CEO and Steve Ballmer takes over  2008: Retires from Microsoft executive role; focuses on Foundation  2007: Graduates from Harvard  2014: Steps down as chairman  2014: #1 on Forbes List of World Billionaires ($76B) Bill Gates Biography Wharton Total Leadership 2
  3. 3. Key Accomplishments  Inspiring the era of the home computer  Commercializing the operating system  Launching Windows 95  Becoming the richest person in the world Bill Gates Biography Wharton Total Leadership 3  Establishing his home community as a global hub for the software industry  Giving away all his money  Growing a beautiful and well grounded family unit
  4. 4. Work Microsoft Home Wife & Kids Total Leader Qualities Bill Gates Biography Wharton Total Leadership 4 Self Golf, Tennis, Bridge, Coding Community Gates Foundation, Seattle Software Industry, Neighborhood Building
  5. 5. Key Takeaways  Let passion drive priorities and commitments, and frequently reevaluate  Hard work, failure and resilience are important to learn for yourself; embrace learning moments in all domains  You can have it all – career, family, community, and self success Bill Gates Biography Wharton Total Leadership 5